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A RAMONA Playlist From Jordan Salcito

An upbeat playlist primed for your next happy hour.

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Pisco Apricot Tropical

Danger Stranger: A Pisco Cocktail

Calypso: A Tropical Port Cocktail

White Port With Lime

Great Silence: A Mezcal Cocktail

Madame Bovary Cocktail


Brand New Antique


L’Eminent Fig



Rémy 75

The Rémy 75

boozy milkshake

Dublin Honey: A Boozy Milkshake

Zivah Cocktail From Bavel

South Pacific Spritz

Exchange Block

Date and Cardamom Coffee Tiramisu

Strawberry Spice Everything Nice Spritz

New Jack City From The Gin Joint

phil ward

Herb Alpert Cocktail

rooibos cobbler

Raspberry Rooibos Cobbler

Flor Picante, A Mezcal Cocktail


Mint and Melon Mojitos

Coq au Vermouth

Tommy’s Margarita Recipe

Millionaire Cocktail

nostrana luce all fine

Luce alla Fine from Nostrana

un americano cocktail

Un Americano

Rebekah Peppler’s Vermouth Spritz

Idlewild Vermouth Cocktail

blackberry-lavender soda

Blackberry-Lavender French Soda

The Not So Late Night Tonic cocktail

Not So Late Night Tonic

last word riff

Last Word Riff: Tongue Twister

The Jungle Cat From J & Tony’s

The Jungle Cat From J & Tony’s

Old Fashioned Riff

Old Fashioned Riff: Superflat Fashion

Génépy & Tonic

natasha david

Natasha David’s Alcohol-Free Tropical Harvest Drink

Rockin’ Like Bamboo Cocktail

Planter’s Punch

Aunt Lucille’s 7-Up Pound Cake

Pink Squirrel Recipe

Spicy Crispy Peanuts from Mister Jiu’s

remy espresso martini

Rémy Espresso Martini

Acre Bird

brown sugar shochu cocktail

Kurozatō Seppun

Track and Field From Clyde Common

FIG’s Bee’s Knees Riff

Not Another Drink Named Strawberry Fields

Optimist Old Fashioned


Smouldering: A Shochu Cocktail

Islay Daiquiri

shochu cocktail

Second Wind

El Tropi Brew From Café Comunión

Limonana Cocktail

Her Majesty, A Sherry Cocktail

Don the Beachcomber’s Nui Nui Cocktail

Special Coverage

Drinks in the Age of COVID

The latest news on how the pandemic is impacting the hospitality industry, plus essays, recipes, and DIY drinks projects for time spent at home.

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Cocktail Recipes

Pale Aperale Spritz

A hoppy twist on the popular cocktail.

Dark & Moody

Fernet-Branca anchors this brooding sipper.
chamomile cocktail

Snake Bit Sprout

Chamomile flowers perfume this refreshing cocktail.

Planter’s Punch

A frozen, blended spin on the classic rum cocktail.
italian g&t

Italian G&T

The Negroni meets the G&T at Whitechapel in San Francisco.


Pineapple brightens this simple Daiquiri variation.

Pearl Collins

An easy-drinking combo of gin, jasmine, lemon and mint.
vermouth cobbler

Vermouth Cobbler

This cobbler recipe is a perfect way to test-drive an array of new vermouths.
pitcher cocktail

Everything Nice

Gin, plum brandy and lemon find a new flavor soulmate in Earl Grey syrup.
Charanda Cocktail

Killer on Ice

Mexican rum shines when paired with blanc vermouth, agave syrup and bitters.
mint julep iced tea

Mint Julep Iced Tea

Sweet tea brings an extra helping of Southern hospitality to this fresh mint julep hybrid.
maison premiere mai tai

Maison Premiere’s Mai Tai

An extra rummy take on the original. 
mojito riff

Twill Serve

Crème de cacao and peppercorn syrup add richness to the classic.

The Levity of Bourbon Cocktail

A summery cocktail for whiskey fans.
Amaro Daiquiri

Billy Sunday’s Amaro Daiquiri

A match made in bitters heaven.

Inside the Sun

A dangerously delicious match.
Scotch Whisky Sour

Plaid on Plaid

A simple cocktail that taps the depth and smokiness of Scotch.
jamaica cocktail

Limantour’s Jamaica Cocktail

Hibiscus steals the show in this mezcal cocktail from Mexico City.
vodka cocktail

Traveling Light

Vodka, honey, lemon and orange flower water strike a delicate balance.


Minor Figures Matcha Latte

A lightweight RTD latte that captures the purest essence of the Japanese green tea.

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A New Episode of Radio Imbibe

A conversation with Fawn Weaver, the founder and CEO of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, about the new $50 million Uncle Nearest Venture Fund and plans for the soon-to-open distillery in Shelbyville, Tennessee.


Classic Cocktail Recipes

Millionaire Cocktail

This rendition of the classic features a fruity medley of rum, apricot, and sloe gin.

The Merchant Hotel’s Dark ‘N’ Stormy

Falernum and fresh ginger set this version apart.

La Florida Cocktail

The Daiquiri takes an aromatic tour, with herbaceous vermouth and rich crème de cacao.
morning glory fizz

Morning Glory Fizz

A classic suited for brunch sipping.
vodka cocktails

Moscow Mule

In 1941, a Hollywood bar owner met with a liquor distributor on the Sunset Strip and mixed the first Moscow Mule as a marketing tool to sell more vodka.

Tommy’s Margarita Recipe

Julio Bermejo's slight twist on the classic has become a modern standard.

Absinthe Frappe

A refreshing mix of absinthe, mint and soda water. 

Clover Club Cocktail

Julie Reiner's house version of the classic gin cocktail.
cuba libre

Cuba Libre

The addition of lime juice transforms a simple Rum and Coke into a Cuba Libre.
Cotillion Cocktail

Cotillion Cocktail

An elegant mix of bourbon, rum, lemon and orange.

Caipirinha Cocktail

Get familiar with Brazil's national drink this summer.

Gimlet Recipe

A simple and delicious classic.
zombie cocktail

Zombie Cocktail

Three types of rum define this tropical classic.
hotel nacional cocktail

Hotel Nacional Cocktail

Named after a bar in Havana, the Hotel Nacional combines rum, lime and apricot.
cameron's kick

Cameron’s Kick

A classic recipe for modern palates.
20th century cocktail

The 20th Century Cocktail

A classic gin cocktail named after the 20th Century Limited express passenger train.

Negroni Sbagliato

A bright and bubbly variation on the classic.


Tasting Notes

Paul Clarke looks ahead to summer sipping in this edition of our monthly newsletter.

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