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Murray Stenson


Remembering Murray Stenson

Editor in Chief Paul Clarke reflects on the legacy of the legendary Seattle bartender.

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Paradisaea spicy melon split-base cocktail

Keys Razor: A Spicy Melon Cocktail

fireside old fashioned

Fireside Old Fashioned Recipe

Hundred Acre Wood: A Spirit-Free Tea Cocktail

whiskey rum split-base boulevardier

Holding Hands: A Split-Base Boulevardier

Jewel of the South Sour Peach Negroni riff

Sour Peach Negroni From Jewel of the South

Negroni riff mezcal negron

OAK->KIN: A Mezcal Negroni

Azo Drinks Boulevardier Riff Fruit Cup

Boulevardier Fruit Cup From Azo Drinks

rum negroni

Island Time: A Rum Negroni

brothers boulevardier

Brothers Boulevardier

5 & Dime Negroni Sbagliato Spaghett beer spritz

Hotel Valentine: A Negroni Sbagliato Riff

negroni-svegliato espresso Negroni

Negroni Svegliato: A Coffee Negroni

low-ABV Negroni wine Negroni

Tinto de Negroni: A Low-ABV Negroni Take

Fig Negroni

The Notorious F.I.G.: A Fig Negroni

milano torino recipe

Milano-Torino Recipe

Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon cocktail

Texas Sunset

Aziza Seyhan Relief turmeric piña colada

Seyhan Relief: A Turmeric Piña Colada

DIY plum gin

Homemade Plum Gin

Benedetto Alfieri bell pepper cocktail

Benedetto Alfieri: A Bell Pepper Cocktail

ginger lemonade Pinch Hitter: Spirit-Free Ginger Lemon Cocktail

Pinch Hitter by Derek Brown

Bella Donna bell pepper cocktail

Bella Donna From The Courtesy


Garrison Brothers Just Peachy

Chai No Lait Chai Gin Sour

Chai No Lait: A Chai Gin Sour

Heart of Stone mezcal cynar boulevardier riff Lady Jane

Heart of Stone: A Boulevardier Variation

Summer of Love Pisco and Rosé Punch Eden Rooftop Bar Phoenix

Summer of Love Punch Recipe

Tight and See-Through: A Clarified Coconut Milk Punch

where to drink in Monterey Stokes Adobe Crocodile Tail

Crocodile Tail: A Tequila Martini

Rina Tahini Shake with date syrup drizzle

Tahini Shake With Date Syrup

Gigantic Bar Fightin Joe Hooker blueberry cocktail

“Fighting Joe” Hooker Blueberry Whiskey Cocktail

Thai iced tea

Thai Iced Tea

Muppet Juice chamomile vodka cocktail

Muppet Juice: A Chamomile Cocktail

Miss River New Orleans Port City Old Fashioned

Port City Rum Old Fashioned

Dancing Queen blackberry vodka summer cocktail

Dancing Queen: A Blackberry Cocktail

All Rights Reserved split-base blueberry cocktail

All Rights Reserved: A Blueberry Cocktail

Izumi Pimm shochu pimm's cup

Izumi Pimm: A Shochu Pimm’s Cup

Frozen Espresso Martini

Frozen Espresso Martini

Devil in the Moonlight tropical pisco cocktail

Devil in the Moonlight: A Pisco Cocktail

Old Money Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar Aspen

Old Money: An Equal-Parts Cocktail

bing cherries in syrah

Bing Cherries Braised in Syrah

Yvonne's Boston Cicada summer drinks

Cicada Cocktail From Yvonne’s Boston

Tequila A Love Story guava margarita

Tequila, A Love Story: A Guava Margarita

oleo-saccharum-crdt-lara-ferroni summer punch

Electric Mayhem: A Summer Punch Recipe

The Jones Assembly basil gin cocktail

Giving Basil From The Jones Assembly

Coterie tea-infused pisco cocktail

The Laotong: A Pisco Cocktail

Superclean summer drink sotol margarita twist

Superclean: A Sotol Margarita

One Day in Rio

One Day in Rio: A Split-Base Summer Cocktail

Clarified New York Sour

Clarified New York Sour

Panamericano summery negroni riff

Panamericano: A Summery Negroni Riff

coconut coffee pops

Coconut-Coffee Popsicles

Three of a Kind Bar Cleeta

Three of a Kind From Bar Cleeta

Morley Field rhum agricole blanc summer cocktail

Morley Field: A Rhum Agricole Cocktail

Cima Summer Special spicy tropical cocktail

Cima Summer Special: A Spicy, Tropical Cocktail

Gin & Tonic APB Melrose

APB Melrose Gin & Tonic

Midnight in Morocco: floral tequila cocktail

Midnight in Morocco: A Floral Tequila Cocktail

Strawberry Risotto

Strawberry Risotto With Fresh Robiola

tomato margarita

50/50 Tomato Margarita

Daisy Marie from Tango Room in Dallas

Daisy Marie From Tango Room

Banksy Pimm's low-proof summer cocktail

Banksy Pimm’s: A Low-Proof Summer Cocktail

The Wild Denver City Club

City Club Cocktail From The Wild Denver

Refuge's Alpha 60 rhum agricole cocktail

Alpha 60: A Rhum Agricole Cocktail

Hawksmoor French Manicure - French Martini Variation

Hawksmoor NYC’s French Manicure

Agua Viva Saints G&T

Agua Viva’s Saints G&T Recipe

Constantine's Cosmo riff

Constantine’s Cosmo: A Cosmo Riff

Madame George Forgotten Borough Genever Sour

Forgotten Borough: A Genever Sour

Cantaloupe Paloma

Cantaloupe Paloma

Garden Gin and Tonic

Garden Gin & Tonic

Tropical tequila cocktail: Horse With No Name Accomplice Bar

Horse With No Name: A Tropical Tequila Cocktail

Root beer popcorn cookie sandwiches

Root Beer Popcorn Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ojos Verdes spicy margarita

Ojos Verdes Spicy Margarita

Belles Beach House Main Squeeze tropical cocktail

Main Squeeze From Belles Beach House

Anchorage Silius Goes East batched gin cocktail

Silius Goes East: Batched Gin Cocktail

lemongrass coconut iced herbal tea bricia lopez

Lemongrass and Coconut Iced Herbal Tea

Dante NYC Sbagliato Sicilia

Dante NYC’s Sbagliato Sicilia

Albert's Itty Bitty Pretty Martini

Itty Bitty Pretty from Albert’s Bar

Sorrento Sun from Sorelle mezcal margarita

Sorrento Sun: A Mezcal Margarita

Caribbean Blue John deBary

Caribbean Blue From John deBary

spirit-free painkiller from The Mothership

The Mothership’s Spirit-Free Painkiller

banana coconut sundae

Banana Coconut Sundae

Caribbean Parachute rum highball

Caribbean Parachute: A Rum Highball

Queen of the Rodeo White Limozeen vodka cocktail Cosmopolitan riff

Queen of the Rodeo: A Cosmo Recipe

Palm Desert Date Shake from Pacific Standard Portland

Palm Desert Date Shake from Pacific Standard

Paper Crane Paper Plane riff

Paper Crane: A Paper Plane Cocktail Variation

Sang Amer tequila aperitif cocktail

Sang Amer: A Tequila Aperitif Cocktail

Big in Japan by Fandi Mata

Big in Japan from Fandi Mata

Cash & Prizes rye highball

Cash and Prizes by Nick Kokonas

El Cantinero spicy agave cocktail mezcal or tequila Little Rascal in Brooklyn

El Cantinero: A Spicy Agave Cocktail

Manor Bar Whiskey Sea

The Manor Bar’s The Whiskey Sea

Bossäm With Riesling Ssäm Sauce

Bossäm With Riesling Ssäm Sauce

Mountain Moonshine

Mountain Moonshine

Rhymes with Orange smoky Manhattan

Rhymes With Orange: A Smoky Manhattan

Molasses Ice Cream Sandwiches

Molasses Cookies With Bourbon Ice Cream

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly mezcal and amaro highball from Julep Houston

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: An Amaro Highball

Rain Delay from Dreamland rye sherry banana cocktail

Rain Delay from Dreamland

Mushroom Sour alcohol-free spirit-free drink

Mushroom Sour: A Spirit-Free Recipe

Lindsay Matteson


New on Radio Imbibe

For Negroni Week, we talk to veteran Seattle bartender Lindsay Matteson about how to explore the wide world of Negroni variations.

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Seasonal Recipes

The Royal DC Harvest Spice Cream Cold Brew

Harvest Spice Cream Cold Brew

An autumnal cold brew that tastes like pumpkin pie.
Mount Fuji apple cocktail

Mount Fuji Apple Cocktail

A refreshing sour variation where the apple is the main attraction.
Claire Saffitz What's for Dessert peach bourbon pecan cake

Peach, Bourbon, and Pecan Cake

Achieve frangipane decadence with this easy Southern-inspired cake.
Harvard Sour

Harvard Sour

An applejack and Armagnac cocktail that captures the essence of fall.

Homemade Fall Amaro

A DIY taste of fall.
Manhattan Riff

Brass Elephant

Nocino lends a balancing bittersweetness to this seasonal cocktail.
Devon Tarby Pop Quiz Bourbon Heritage Month

Pop Quiz

An Old Fashioned variation with cola notes and spice.

Date and Cardamom Coffee Tiramisu

A glorious recipe from Reem Kassis' cookbook, The Arabesque Table.
Pear eau de vie Truly Scrumptious cocktail

Truly Scrumptious

Like biting into a deliciously ripe pear.
low-proof shandy Late to the Party

Late to the Party

An intriguing low-ABV refresher.
Be Bright Coffee Happy Camper

Happy Camper

This cold-weather latte will warm you to the core.
homemade limoncello recipe

Homemade Limoncello

Limoncello has been popular in the citrus-growing regions along Italy’s Amalfi coast for more than a century.
hibiscus flor picante

Flor Picante

A medley of sweetness, smoke, and spice.
Calvados Daiquiri Bar Chinois

Calvados Daiquiri

A French twist on a classic.

Autumn's Jacket

A bouquet of seasonal charm.
Boozy Sandwich Mohawk Bend

Bourbon PB&J Sandwich

A PB&J for grown-ups.
sherry cobbler

Burnt Orange Sherry Cobbler

A sherry cobbler that gets an extra boost of Japanese whisky.
bourbon balls

Betty Lou’s Bourbon Balls

A sweet reminder of pure holiday joy.
Stargazing with Galileo bourbon cocktail

Stargazing With Galileo

The perfect after-dinner cocktail.
pistachio orgeat

Homemade Pistachio Orgeat

Unlike almond-based orgeat, pistachios add a different complexity and flavor to the syrup.
Concord Grape and Rosemary Soda

Rosemary and Concord Grape Soda

A grown-up take on grape soda.
apple cocktail

Double Apple Cocktail

A Middle Eastern–inspired cocktail by way of Washington, D.C.
Hello Stranger vermouth cocktail

Hello Stranger

Three ingredients deliver maximum flavor.
kare kare

Kare Kare Recipe

A flavor-packed stew fit for a feast.
Boulevardier Riff: Shade Thrower

Shade Thrower

A simple twist on a classic.


The Classic Negroni

A cocktail so iconic that it deserves its own week.

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Classic Cocktail Recipes

20th century cocktail

20th Century

A classic gin cocktail named after the 20th Century Limited express passenger train.

Affinity Cocktail

A classic scotch cocktail gets a modern update.
classic negroni recipe

Classic Negroni

The iconic equal-parts mix of gin, Campari and sweet vermouth.
Classic Alaska Cocktail Recipe

Alaska Cocktail

A three-ingredient classic to add to your cocktail repertoire.
amaretto sour

Amaretto Sour

A 1970's-era classic that has flowed in and out of favor through the years.

Bee's Knees

A simple refresher.
bijou cocktail

Bijou Cocktail Recipe

A crisp and rich vintage classic.
Blackthorn Cocktail

Blackthorn Cocktail

One of the few classic cocktails to highlight Irish whiskey.

Boulevardier Cocktail

A relative of the Negroni, the Boulvardier subs in bourbon for gin.
brandy crusta

Brandy Crusta

The classic recipe gets an extra layer of flavor.
campden cocktail

Campden Cocktail

A resurrected treasure from The Savoy Cocktail Book.


Dry vermouth defines this classic riff.
Corpse Reviver #2

Corpse Reviver #2

A classic cocktail with a name that could wake the dead.

Fourth Regiment Cocktail

A classic that takes notes from the standard Manhattan recipe.
grasshopper cocktail recipe


How they make the classic at its New Orleans birthplace.
Irish coffee

Irish Coffee

A classic winter warmer.
last word cocktail

Last Word Cocktail

A Prohibition-era cocktail that's easy to assemble but hard to forget.
Lincoln Club Cup

Lincoln Club Cup

A classic sparkling sherry and brandy cocktail that's perfect for summer sipping.
Little Egypt Cocktail

Little Egypt Cocktail

A little-known classic featuring sherry, vermouth and bitters.
Mai Tai cocktail

Mai Tai Recipe

Jeff "Beachbum" Berry's adaptation of the classic.
Manhattan cocktail


The quintessential three-ingredient recipe.


One of the world's most refreshing cocktails.

Martini Cocktail 1888

A little-known gem worth discovering.

Millionaire Cocktail

This rendition of the classic features a fruity medley of rum, apricot, and sloe gin.
classic negroni recipe


The iconic equal-parts mix of gin, Campari and sweet vermouth.
new york cocktail

New York Cocktail

A cocktail worthy of Gotham's pace.
Old Pal Cocktail

Old Pal Cocktail

A classic that'll charm you with its equal-parts magic. 
pearl diver

Pearl Diver Cocktail Recipe

Beachbum Berry reveals the secret recipe for this 1950s-era tiki classic.
Remember the Maine

Remember the Maine

A rich whiskey cocktail from the 1930s.

Rob Roy

The Manhattan meets scotch.
saturn cocktail

Saturn Cocktail

One of tiki's most famous gin cocktails made with a lighter, more floral orgeat.


An enduring combo of whiskey, bitters and absinthe.
Negroni Sbagliato


A bright and bubbly variation on the classic.
Sidecar cocktail


One minor tweak balances out this classic.
Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling

A classic gin sling.

Toronto Cocktail

This historic cocktail finds a delicious balance between two bold ingredients.
Turf Club Cocktail

Turf Club Cocktail

A deliciously balanced predecessor to the Martini.
twelve mile limit cocktail

Twelve Mile Limit

A Prohibition-era cocktail worth revisiting.

White Lady Cocktail

A gin-based classic.

Widow’s Kiss Cocktail

A beguiling take on a classic recipe.

Slug Bar


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