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Three Ways: The Cosmopolitan

Bartenders with an appreciation for nostalgia continue to put their own spins on the classic.

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New Jack City From The Gin Joint

phil ward

Herb Alpert Cocktail

rooibos cobbler

Raspberry Rooibos Cobbler

Flor Picante, A Mezcal Cocktail


Mint and Melon Mojitos

Coq au Vermouth

Tommy’s Margarita Recipe

Millionaire Cocktail

nostrana luce all fine

Luce alla Fine from Nostrana

un americano cocktail

Un Americano

Rebekah Peppler’s Vermouth Spritz

Idlewild Vermouth Cocktail

blackberry-lavender soda

Blackberry-Lavender French Soda

The Not So Late Night Tonic cocktail

Not So Late Night Tonic

last word riff

Last Word Riff: Tongue Twister

The Jungle Cat From J & Tony’s

The Jungle Cat From J & Tony’s

Old Fashioned Riff

Old Fashioned Riff: Superflat Fashion

Génépy & Tonic

natasha david

Natasha David’s Alcohol-Free Tropical Harvest Drink

Rockin’ Like Bamboo Cocktail

Planter’s Punch

Aunt Lucille’s 7-Up Pound Cake

The Merchant Hotel’s Dark ‘N’ Stormy

Pink Squirrel Recipe

Spicy Crispy Peanuts from Mister Jiu’s

rumba swizzle

Surf School Swizzle From Rumba

remy espresso martini

Rémy Espresso Martini

cameron's kick

Cameron’s Kick

tequila cocktail

Randall Porter: A Tequila Cocktail

Acre Bird

brown sugar shochu cocktail

Kurozatō Seppun

Track and Field From Clyde Common

FIG’s Bee’s Knees Riff

Not Another Drink Named Strawberry Fields

Optimist Old Fashioned


Smouldering: A Shochu Cocktail

Minch’s Lure From Anvil Bar & Refuge

Islay Daiquiri

shochu cocktail

Second Wind

Rob Roy Cocktail

El Tropi Brew From Café Comunión

Limonana Cocktail

Her Majesty, A Sherry Cocktail

Cyrano From Death & Co Denver

Don the Beachcomber’s Nui Nui Cocktail

Wisenheimer Cocktail from Deep Dive

Bear the Palm Old Fashioned

Mr. Prado Tequila Cocktail

The Democrat from Prizefighter

Peligroso From La Factoría

Special Coverage

Drinks in the Age of COVID

The latest news on how the pandemic is impacting the hospitality industry, plus essays, recipes, and DIY drinks projects for time spent at home.

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Táche Pistachio Milk

A rich and frothable pistachio-based alt-milk.

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A New Episode of Radio Imbibe

Tasting and talking about liqueurs with Haus Alpenz’s national sales manager Jake Parrott.


Classic Cocktail Recipes

Classic Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy

The ultimate winter warmer.
Manhattan cocktail


The quintessential three-ingredient recipe.

Vesper Martini

Shaken, not stirred.
coffee-grog-crdt lara ferroni

Coffee Grog

This spiced grog from Don the Beachcomber was dug up by tiki historian Jeff Berry.
vodka cocktails

Moscow Mule

In 1941, a Hollywood bar owner met with a liquor distributor on the Sunset Strip and mixed the first Moscow Mule as a marketing tool to sell more vodka.

Trinidad Sour

Like a bittersweet cocktail? Then you're sure to love this modern classic.
Ward Eight Cocktail

Ward Eight Cocktail

A relative of the whiskey sour, with the addition of orange juice and grenadine.
Harvey Wallbanger

Harvey Wallbanger

That unforgettable trio of vodka, OJ and Galliano.
Flame of Love Cocktail

Flame of Love

This vodka and sherry drink was created at a Beverly Hills bar for Dean Martin.
quench-classic-milk punch-recipe-vertical-crdt lara ferroni

Brandy Milk Punch

The Brandy Milk Punch recipe has long been a holiday staple in Louisiana, thanks to the New Orleans restaurants run by the Brennan's.

Irish Coffee

A classic winter warmer.

Clover Club

Julie Reiner's house version of the classic gin cocktail.
amaretto sour

Amaretto Sour

A 1970's-era classic that has flowed in and out of favor through the years.
tuxedo cocktail

Tuxedo Cocktail

This relative of the Martini swaps vermouth’s herbal character for the distinctive nuttiness of fino sherry to create an intriguing and distinctively dry cocktail.

Hanky Panky Cocktail

The Hanky Panky is an enduring classic that's still commonly featured on menus around the country.


Tasting Notes

In this edition of our enewsletter, Paul Clarke shares a new podcast episode, cocktail recipes, and more.

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