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Cocktail Cherries

Many of today’s cocktail cherries are specifically formulated to add a finishing touch of flavor and style to the drinks they adorn.

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Special Coverage

Drinks in the Age of COVID

The latest news on how the pandemic is impacting the hospitality industry, plus essays, recipes, and DIY drinks projects for time spent at home.

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Autumn-Ready Recipes

Autumn Gin & Tonic

Autumn Gin & Tonic

Apples give this G&T an easy autumn twist.
amaro cocktail

La Sirena Clandestina’s Amaro Cocktail

Walnut liqueur lends a nutty sweetness to this autumn cocktail.
ipa scones

Pumpkin IPA Scones

A hoppy IPA flavors these pumpkin-packed scones.
persimmon soda recipe

Persimmon Vanilla Soda

Persimmon-vanilla syrup adds autumn flavor to this simple soda.
fall smash

Fall Smash

Maple syrup and cinnamon give this tiki-esque drink an autumnal vibe.
mushroom thyme sherry soup

Mushroom Thyme Sherry Soup

A pour of nice, dry sherry adds dimension to this creamy, comforting mushroom soup.

Midnight Marauder

A brooding sibling of the Negroni.
autumnal daiquiri

Cold Front Autumn Daiquiri

A simple combo of spiced syrup, lime and aged rum.
sazerac riff


A simple update on the New Orleans classic.

Nassau Street Cocktail

Rich, boozy and flush with warming spice, this brandy cocktail is an autumn gem.
jewel of the south

Night Tripper

Two Italian liqueurs add bitterness and complexity to a bourbon base.
Fall Aperitif

Lucano #2 Autumn Aperitif

Warm cinnamon notes meet bright botanicals in this aperitif from Milan.
apple brandy canelés

Apple Brandy Canelés

An autumnal take on the traditional French pastry.

Apple Kickin'

Japanese whisky, Calvados and amaro create flavor fireworks.
apple and quince liqueur-vertical-crd brandon matzek kitchenkonfidence dot com

Homemade Apple and Quince Liqueur

A delicious way to capture the essence of autumn.
Walnut Coffee Old Fashioned

Grandpa Irv's Espresso Old Fashioned

Spice up your next iced coffee with a few dashes of walnut bitters.
vena's fizz house maine hot fire

Maine Hot Fire

Ghost pepper tincture adds a punch of heat to this winter warmer.
bloody mary

Sunday Bloody

A smoky, spicy version of the brunch staple.


Don Ciccio & Figli Negroni Bianco Oro

A bright and bittersweet take on the Negroni Bianco.

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A New Episode of Radio Imbibe

We chat with Julia Bainbridge about her new book, Good Drinks: Alcohol-Free Recipes for When You’re Not Drinking for Whatever Reason.



Imbibe's Tasting Notes Enewsletter

Paul Clarke revisits the martini and shares the scoop on the most recent episode of Radio Imbibe.

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Ghost Donkey NYC

Take a virtual trip to our 2020 Cocktail Bar of the Year.

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