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Dick Francis' Special

Dick Francis' Special

Cocktail historian David Wondrich tells the story of Dick Francis, a 19th-century Black bartender who served drinks to the likes of Lincoln.

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Lady Jane Chai Town Boulevardier riff

Chai Town: A Malört Cocktail

Little Sister tomato soju cocktail

Little Sister: A Tomato Soju Cocktail

Boulevardier Riff: Shade Thrower

Shade Thrower: A Boulevardier Variation

Ajua Fresca by Chuntikis Julio "Jules" Gutierrez

Chuntikis’ Ajua’ Fresca

Blank Slate nonalcoholic vacation drink

Blank Slate’s Spirit-Free Vacation Drink

Same Same but Virgin spirit-free drink

Same Same but Virgin: A Spirit-Free Drink

Milady's Martini

Milady’s Martini by Julie Reiner

Agave Gracias by Christine Wiseman

Agave Gracias

spatchcock chicken by Tanya Holland

Sweet Tea and Molasses–Brined Spatchcock Chicken

Whiskey cocktail: Fools and Horses Before the War

Fools & Horses’ Before the War Whiskey Cocktail

Violet Hour Polka Dot white Negroni riff by Toby Maloney

The Violet Hour’s Polka Dot White Negroni Riff

Old Fashioned riff: Church Mass Appeal

Church’s Mass Appeal: An Old Fashioned Riff

Provence Martini: dirty martini by Camphor

Provence Martini

Amazake Swizzle nonalcoholic Austin Hennelly

The Amazake Swizzle by Austin Hennelly


Toronto Cocktail

Refuge Greenhorn cocktail

Refuge’s Greenhorn: A Tequila and Midori Cocktail

Butterscotch Den Old Fashioned

Butterscotch Den Old Fashioned

Josh Ibanez's Long Story Short tropical martini

Josh Ibañez’s Long Story Short

Pacific Standard Seville Orange Sour

Pacific Standard’s Seville Orange Sour

Appetizer al'Italienne

Appetizer à l’Italienne

Good Lion Magic Walnut Ride low-ABV Negroni

Magic Walnut Ride: A Nightcap Recipe

Mezchine Head tropical mezcal cocktail

Mezchine Head: A Tropical Mezcal Cocktail

Seasonal Milk Punch

Winter Milk Punch


Grinchhopper: A Grasshopper Recipe

Pebble Bar Night Train

Night Train: A Bitter Manhattan Recipe

Dashi Winter Martini from Overstory

Overstory’s Dashi Martini

Bitter Pop low-proof holiday highball

Bitter Pop: A Low-Proof Holiday Highball

Beer Me Up Scotty sessionable Mai Tai

Beer Me Up Scotty: A Mai Tai Riff

The Situation Swizzle

The Situation: Queen’s Park Swizzle Riff

Eggnog cake with bourbon cream

Eggnog Cake With Bourbon Cream

Cure Chamomile Kilt

Chamomile Kilt: A Scotch Cocktail

Teardrop Lounge's Dark Side

Teardrop Lounge’s Dark Side

Strange Brew coffee amaro cocktail

Strange Brew: A Twist on the Espresso Martini

Slam Dunk Disco mezcal tequila white negroni

Slam Dunk Disco: A Split-Base Cocktail

Hot Oaxacan Penicillin

Hot Oaxacan Penicillin Cocktail

Red Wine Sangaree

Red Wine Sangaree

Blood Orange Mule

Blood Orange Mule

Espresso Martinis

A Quartet of Espresso Martinis

Persephone Sunset spirit-free cocktail Kayleigh Blome

Persephone Sunset: A Spirit-Free Cocktail

Campfire's El Centro weekend project cocktail

El Centro: A Tropical Winter Cocktail

Yuzu Sour

Yuzu Sour

Adonis Spritz

Adonis Spritz: A Low-Proof Winter Spritz

Turkish coffee

Anatomy of a Drink: Turkish Coffee

Benjawan yuzu cocktail

Benjawan: A Yuzu Cocktail

De La Cruz low-proof holiday cocktail

De La Cruz: A Low-Proof Holiday Cocktail


Black Forest Crumpets

Hot chocolate Bicerin


The Royal DC Harvest Spice Cream Cold Brew

Harvest Spice Cream Cold Brew

Espresso Martini Jello Shot

Espresso Martini Jello Shots

50/50 Sazerac

50/50 Sazerac

Claire Saffitz What's for Dessert peach bourbon pecan cake

Peach, Bourbon, and Pecan Cake

Cure Mussels in Absinthe

Dauphine’s Mussels in Absinthe

Manhattan Fog cheese foam cocktail

Manhattan Fog Cocktail

Crimson Sour low-abv holiday cocktail

Crimson Sour: A Low-ABV Holiday Cocktail

Pear Airmail riff

Pear Mail: An Airmail Riff

Not Your Cosmo

Not Your Cosmo: A Cosmo Riff

Black Mountain Coffee cocktail

Black Mountain Coffee: A Cold-Brew Cocktail

Yacht Club daiquiri riff cocktail

Yacht Club Daiquiri

Intro to Vermouth

Intro to Vermouth Aperitif

Nightwish sherry vodka cocktail

Nightwish: A Vodka Cocktail

Just Friends Jungle Bird riff

Just Friends: A Jungle Bird Riff

Chai and Biscuits clarified cognac milk punch

Chai and Biscuits: A Clarified Cognac Milk Punch

The Warthog spiced pear cocktail

The Warthog: A Pear Cocktail

Ritz Cocktail Dale DeGroff

Ritz Cocktail

peach mint Arnold Palmer

Veranda Vernacular: A Sweet Tea Cocktail

Piña Verde

Piña Verde: A Piña Colada Riff

strawberry negroni weekend project cocktail

Amor & Lujuria: A Chocolate-Strawberry Negroni

Hidden Leaf Tablet Negroni weekend project cocktail

Hidden Leaf’s Sweet Milk Tablet Negroni

Kiss With a Fist Negroni

Kiss With a Fist: A Sake Negroni

Smokeshow Negroni

Little Betty’s Smokeshow: A Mezcal Negroni

Bloody Samurai Sake Bloody Mary

Bloody Samurai: A Sake Bloody Mary

tiramisu ice cream sandwich

Tiramisu Ice Cream Sandwich

Neruda grenadine highball

Neruda: A Spirit-Free Highball

Black Maybe

Black Maybe From Leah & Louise

Pimlet Pimm's Gimlet

Pimlet: A Pimm’s Gimlet


Anatomy of a Drink: Americano

Fin and Fino Cowboy Tea weekend project cocktail

Cowboy Tea From Fin and Fino

Cheese Grits with Jerk Pork

Cheese Grits With Jerk Pork

Kind of Blue

Kind of Blue: A Blueberry Cobbler

Masala Chai

Masala Chai

Negroni Hawaiiana

Negroni Hawaiiana

Seasonal Recipes

Wintry Cocktail

Winter Cocktail: Daisy Buchanan

A wintry mix of rum, Fernet, and crème de cacao.

Low-Alcohol Cocktail: Clean Slate

A punchy mix of sherry, bianco vermouth, Salers and bitters.

Après Ski, An Old Fashioned Variation

A comforting cocktail for cold nights.
Neruda grenadine highball

Neruda: A Spirit-Free Highball

A zero-proof drink with kick.

Smoked Gouda Grits With Redeye Gravy

A heaping bowl of brunchy goodness.

Islay Daiquiri

Smoky scotch adds extra depth to this riff.
bloody mary

Eichardt’s Bloody Mary

A familiar brunch drink gets an extra boost from fresh basil and tawny port.
Thanksgiving Cocktails Ponche Navieñdo

Hot Punch Recipe: Ponche Navideño

Fruit and spice never tasted quite so nice.
sweet nothings toddy-vertical-crdt tina rupp

Sweet Nothings Hot Toddy

Warming rooibos and bourbon fuel this wintry hot toddy.
cider-braised chorizo

Cider-Braised Chorizo

Perfect for warming up in the chilly winter months. 
winter punch

Winter Traveler’s Punch

Sweet pineapple meets ancho chile in this rum-spiked punch.
Coq Au Vin

Coq Au Vin

A French classic that offers the ultimate winter comfort.
Amaro Daiquiri

Billy Sunday’s Amaro Daiquiri

A match made in bitters heaven.

Drinking Caramel

A rich and creamy winter delight.
Mezcal milk punch

Mezcal Milk Punch Recipe

An amped up milk punch from Velveteen Rabbit in Vegas.

Chawari Toddy

A warming combo that's a favorite in Japan.
kare kare

Kare Kare Recipe

A flavor-packed stew fit for a feast.
Hot Pimm's Cup hot classic cocktails

Hot Pimm’s Cup From Dauphine’s

A warming version of a sunny-day classic.
dewberry hotel

Dark As Night From The Dewberry Hotel

Leave it to a hotel bar to come up with the perfect nightcap.

Rum Hot Chocolate

A perfect après-ski treat.

Dark & Moody

Fernet-Branca anchors this brooding sipper.
Fig Coconut Colada

Spirit-Free Colada: Fig & Coconut

A tropical delight that shows that "fun" and "alcohol-free" are not mutually exclusive.
Cherry Chili Cacao Latte

Cherry Chili Cacao Latte

A vibrant DIY syrup makes for an excellent flavored latte.

Her Majesty, A Sherry Cocktail

Rye whiskey brings an extra layer of richness to this sherry cocktail.
Smoky Cola Highball

Smoky Cola Highball

The smokiness of scotch meets the subtle sweetness of cola.

Aperitivo Del Nonno

A bright and bitter aperitivo that transcends the seasons.
Stargazing with Galileo bourbon cocktail

Stargazing With Galileo

The perfect after-dinner cocktail.
The Finest Sour

The Finest Sour

Calvados and rum share the bill in this elegant cocktail.
Hot Negroni hot classic cocktails

J & Tony’s Hot Negroni

The classic cocktail goes toddy-style.

Les Vines Pirouettes Eros de Vincent Drink of the Week


Les Vins Pirouettes "Eros de Vincent"

An orange wine that will appeal to both those wary and devoted to skin-contact wines.

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Christine Wiseman Imbibe 75 of BarLab


A New Episode of Radio Imbibe

Our coverage of 2023 Imbibe 75 continues with Christine Wiseman, a veteran LA bartender now working as beverage director for Miami’s BarLab.

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Classic Cocktail Recipes

Negroni Sbagliato


A bright and bubbly variation on the classic.
saturn cocktail

Saturn Cocktail

One of tiki's most famous gin cocktails made with a lighter, more floral orgeat.

Widow’s Kiss Cocktail

A beguiling take on a classic recipe.
bijou cocktail

Bijou Cocktail Recipe

A crisp and rich vintage classic.
Irish coffee

Irish Coffee

A classic winter warmer.
Sidecar cocktail


One minor tweak balances out this classic.
new york cocktail

The Original New York Cocktail

A cocktail worthy of Gotham's pace.
Mai Tai

Mai Tai Recipe

Jeff "Beachbum" Berry's adaptation of the classic.
Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling

A classic gin sling.

Classic Margarita Recipe

One of the world's most refreshing cocktails.
Classic Alaska Cocktail Recipe

Alaska Cocktail

A three-ingredient classic to add to your cocktail repertoire.

Bee's Knees

A simple refresher.
campden cocktail

Campden Cocktail

A resurrected treasure from The Savoy Cocktail Book.
grasshopper cocktail recipe


How they make the classic at its New Orleans birthplace.
amaretto sour

Amaretto Sour

A 1970's-era classic that has flowed in and out of favor through the years.

Millionaire Cocktail

This rendition of the classic features a fruity medley of rum, apricot, and sloe gin.

Rob Roy

The Manhattan meets scotch.


Dry vermouth defines this classic riff.


An enduring combo of whiskey, bitters and absinthe.

Affinity Cocktail

A classic scotch cocktail gets a modern update.
twelve mile limit cocktail

Twelve Mile Limit

A Prohibition-era cocktail worth revisiting.

A La Louisiane

A rye-forward take on a New Orleans gem.
Manhattan cocktail


The quintessential three-ingredient recipe.
20th century cocktail

20th Century

A classic gin cocktail named after the 20th Century Limited express passenger train.
brandy crusta

Brandy Crusta

The classic recipe gets an extra layer of flavor.