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Three Ways


Gimlet variations to shake up, from simple to experimental.

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Green Chile vodka mule

Green Chile Mule

Born a Star Martini

Born a Star: A Riff on the Porn Star Martini

vodka tinis Riad Star French Martini

Riad Star: A Spicy French Martini

Coconut Willie

Coconut Willie From Hawaiian Room

Vodka Cocktail House of Balloons Teardrop Lounge

House of Balloons: A Vodka Cocktail

Ms. Jackson vodka slushy

Ms. Jackson: A Vodka Slushy

Aperitivo Sour Hudson Hill

Aperitivo Sour From Hudson Hill

Strawberry-rhubarb kisel

Rhubarb-Strawberry Kisel

Death & Co Stargazer vodka cocktail

Stargazer: A Chile Vodka Cocktail

Vodka cocktail Why You'd Want to Live Here

Why You’d Want to Live Here: A Spicy Vodka Cocktail

Tacos Capeados

Tacos Capeados

Tribune Oakland's Almonds in Alameda vodka cocktail

Almonds in Alameda From Tribune Oakland

vodka martini The Doctor's Office

The Doctor’s Office Vodka Martini

Van Gogh Daiquiri blue blended cocktail

Van Gogh Daiquiri

Big Bar Red Zeppelin red onion cocktail

Red Zeppelin: An Onion Cocktail

Tropical mezcal cocktail: Rio Bravo Raines Law Room Chelsea

Rio Bravo: A Tropical Mezcal Cocktail

7th Planet by Rick Dobbs

7th Planet by Rick Dobbs

El Quijotes Portonico green cocktail

Portonico: A Blended Green Cocktail

Yacht Club Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri From Yacht Club

Pea Cocktail Podracer

Podracer: A Pea Cocktail

coconut margarita

Coconut Margarita From Puesto

Whiskey buck: Better Buck Tomorrow

Better Buck Tomorrow: A Whiskey Buck

Stargazing with Galileo bourbon cocktail

Stargazing With Galileo

Gin Fizz Riff: The Dancer

The Dancer: Gin Fizz Riff

Endless Spring strawberry cocktail

Endless Spring: A Low-ABV Cocktail

Boozy Sandwich Mohawk Bend

Boozy Sandwich From Mohawk Bend

Camp Maclean rye cocktail

Camp Maclean Rye Whiskey Cocktail

Mount Fuji apple cocktail

Mount Fuji Apple Cocktail

Hot Pimm's Cup

Hot Pimm’s Cup From Dauphine’s

Bird Cage Valerie

Bird Cage Rye Sour

Brandy Saratoga

Saratoga Cocktail From L’Oursin

Violet Gin Fizz

Violet Fizz From Palomar

Irish coffee milkshake

Irish Coffee Milkshake

Garden Bar Frozen Irish coffee

Frozen Irish Coffee From Garden Bar

Apricot eau de vie Sabertooth cocktail

Sabertooth: An Eau de Vie Cocktail

Irish Breakfast Stout cocktail

Irish Breakfast Stout

Tuk Tuk Tea Tha tea cocktail Pacific Cocktail Haven

Tuk Tuk Tea From Pacific Cocktail Haven

Spirits of the Dead Le Loup cocktail

Spirits of the Dead

Pear eau de vie Truly Scrumptious cocktail

Truly Scrumptious: Pear Eau de Vie Cocktail

Seaworthy Holy Water cocktail

Holy Water From Seaworthy


Ozymandias Cocktail

Match and Lemon Posset Tarts

Matcha & Lemon Posset Tarts

Bible Club Portland Rosemary's Ring

Rosemary’s Ring From Bible Club Portland

Partner in Crime

Partner in Crime

Heartbeet cocktail

Just Beet It From Heartbeet

muddled old fashioned

Jim Meehan’s Tall Boxes

Kook Juice Callie

Kook Juice

Foreign Affair Bar Iris

Foreign Affair Cocktail

Birds of Paradise Strong Water cocktail

Birds of Paradise

Calvados Daiquiri Bar Chinois

Calvados Daiquiri From Bar Chinois

Memento Mori

Memento Mori From Lady Jane

Devon Tarby Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz

La Vive mezcal espresso martini

La Vive: A Mezcal Espresso Martini

Comfort Station cocktail

Heaven, My Reward From Comfort Station

Jitterbug Cafe cocktail

Jitterbug Café

Hibiscus Paloma

Hibiscus Paloma From Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge

Dirty Verde Kettner Exchange

Dirty Verde From Kettner Exchange

Smoky Chicken Ragu with Mezcal, Chiles and Olives


Goose Me: A Brunch Cocktail

Cherry Chili Cacao Latte

Cherry Chili Cacao Latte

Winter Spice Latte

Winter Spice Latte

The Bee’s Gees 

Cold Buttered Sazerac

Queen Garden Swizzle

Queen Garden Swizzle From Lydia McLuen


The Suffragette From Shannon Tebay

Bijou cocktail riff

Bijou Cocktail Riff: La Joya

Asobi Seksu From Christian Suzuki-Orellana

Knowing Glance From Kimberley Patton-Bragg

Venezolana: Aged Rum Cocktail

One Eyed Willie From Inside Passage

Rudisill’s Redemption

Naughty List Egg Nog

Seasonal Recipes

Mezcal Ancho Paloma

Mezcal Ancho Paloma

A spicy, smoky take on a classic.
Pineapple Shortcake

Caramelized Pineapple Shortcake

At Bar Amá in Los Angeles, this shortcake is the star of the dessert tray.
Shiso Julep

Shiso Julep

This julep channels the spirit of Japan.
tequila cocktail

Tequila Cocktail: Del Rio

Tequila and citrus hit all the right notes when matched with rosé.
sake martini

Cucumber Sake Martini

A cool spin on the vodka martini.
Syrah Wine Cocktail

Que Syrah Syrah Wine Cocktail

A summery cocktail that echoes the fruitiness of sangria.
Blue Curaçao Cocktail

Blue Curaçao Cocktail: Blue Daydream

Brunch gets the blue curaçao treatment at The Oliver in Kansas City.
Singapore Sling

Jigger & Pony’s Singapore Sling Riff

A tea-infused take on the classic.
kindred cocktail

Depth Dweller: A Strawberry Cocktail

A breezy mix of rum, Campari and strawberries.
teardrop lounge

Sky Rocket From Teardrop Lounge

Swedish punsch lends extra complexity to this bourbon drink.

Zero-Waste Cocktail: Lower East Side

A sustainable riff on the Eastside cocktail.
rum cocktail

Dunderstruck Rum Cocktail

A fruity symphony of strawberry, pineapple, Campari and rum.
Top Cocktails of 2018 hibiscus sakura cocktail

Hibiscus Cocktail: Sakura

A bright and frothy combo of gin, hibiscus, lemon and egg white. 

Vicuña from Limantour

The softer side of pisco and mezcal shine in this pineapple-driven delight.
brunch cocktail

Lo Sagrado from Clavel Mezcaleria

A semi-tropical, low-abv option for brunch.
bloody mary

Green Bay Bloody Mary Recipe

Brian Bartels pairs refreshing cucumber and tart tomatillo in this delicious riff.
sotol cocktail

Naked in the Desert: A Sotol Cocktail

An earthy interpretation of Joaquín Simó's Naked and Famous cocktail.
Tropical Cocktail

The Power of One, A Tropical Cocktail

A pantry-friendly combo of rum, coconut milk, lime and spices.
Thai Bloody Mary

Thai Bloody Mary

A few unique ingredients take this riff to new flavor territory.
Strawberry Rhubarb Margarita

Strawberry Rhubarb Margarita

Fresh ingredients make all the difference in this seasonal margarita.
breakfast in bed

Breakfast in Bed Low-Alcohol Cocktail

Orange marmalade makes this low-abv cocktail sing.
Session Cocktail

Session Cocktail: Franco-Italian Swizzle

Cocchi Americano and green Chartreuse join forces in this Texas cocktail.
Vermouth Cocktail Slushie

Pom Royale Vermouth Slushie

Grenadine brings a kiss of sweetness to this summery blender drink.

The Divination from Matilda Midnight

Tarragon syrup helps draw out the earthy tones of agave spirits in this gem.

Blood Orange–Cinnamon Margarita

The Margarita takes a “bittersweet” cold weather spin with the addition of cinnamon and blood orange.
One Bottle Cocktail

One Bottle Cocktail: Gin Rocket

Muddled arugula gives this gimlet riff a verdant color and peppery bite.
Lavender Blanc vermouth cocktail

Lavender Blanc Cocktail

This low-ABV cocktail matches dry vermouth with soft lavender bitters and tonic water.
reverse manhattan

Reverse Manhattan Riff: Inside Out

A minty-fresh version of the Reverse Manhattan.
Carrot Cocktail

Silly Rabbit Carrot Cocktail

Vodka provides a base for carrot, ginger and orgeat.

Early Start From Better Luck Tomorrow

Sorrel takes root in this herbaceous sour.

Rhum Barbancourt 15


Rhum Barbancourt 15

An elegant spirit for springtime sipping.

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