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Clover Club Cocktail

The Clover Club cocktail is so beloved that it even has a bar in Brooklyn, New York, named after it. “Gin, berries and lemon make for a trifecta of great flavor,” says co-owner and founder Julie Reiner. “Those berry flavors go so well with the botanicals of gin and a little egg white gives it a creamy mouthfeel. It’s so delicious.”


  • 1 ½ oz. gin (Reiner uses Plymouth)
  • ½ oz. fresh lemon juice
  • ½ oz. dry vermouth (Reiner uses Dolin)
  • ½ oz. raspberry syrup
  • ¼ oz. egg white (pasteurized if you like)
  • Tools:shaker, strainer
  • Glass:cocktail
  • Garnish:raspberry


Combine ingredients in a shaker and shake without ice for 10 seconds. Add ice and shake vigorously for at least 10 seconds. Strain into a chilled glass.

Raspberry Syrup:
1 part raspberries
1 part water
2 parts sugar

Muddle the raspberries and mix thoroughly with the sugar. Let sit for 20-30 minutes until the mix becomes thick and syrupy. Add the water and stir until all of the sugar is dissolved. Strain through chinois. Note: Never boil this syrup on the stove. The raspberries will cook and their flavor will change entirely.

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