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People To Watch

natasha david


2020 Bartender of the Year: Natasha David

David’s portrayal of the real life of a working bartender as she juggles business ownership and motherhood isn’t only refreshing, it’s necessary. 
Eric Medsker
Sankofa Brewing


Imbibe 75 People to Watch: Kofi Meroe and Amado Carsky of Sankofa Brewing

The duo are fermenting a new multicultural future for beer.
Scott Suchman
Malvirà Rorero Riserva Trinità


Drink of the Week: Malvirà Rorero Riserva Trinità 2007

A favorite wine rec from Imbibe 75 Person to Watch, Sidonie Rodman.


How Sahra Nguyen Is Reclaiming Vietnamese Coffee

Get to know one of our Imbibe 75 People to Watch.
Photo by Eric Medsker


What #IAmCraftBeer Means to The Beer Community

How a hashtag sparked a much-needed conversation about diversity.
Courtesy of the Elevate Initiative


Imbibe 75 People to Watch: Heather Greene

Greene aims to make American whiskies that bear a Texas imprint.
Max Kelly


Samuel Jimenez Is Inspiring a Much-Needed Conversation About Tiki Culture

One of our Imbibe 75 People to Watch brings a nuanced approach to the discussion. 
Kelly Puleio


Mimi Casteel’s Field of Dreams

Our Wine Person of the Year demonstrates how regenerative farming is not only better for the earth, but better for the wine.
Photos by Aubrie LeGault
bricia lopez


With Mezcal, Bricia Lopez Tells the Story of Mexican-American Culture

With a new book, a new bar program and a mission to illuminate the modern immigrant experience, Lopez is among our 2020 People to Watch.  
Kristin Teig
Tahiirah Habibi


How Tahiirah Habibi Aims to Diversify Wine

Meet one of our Imbibe 75 People to Watch in 2020. 
Andrew Thomas Lee

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Places + Directions


In Portland, Oregon, Scotch Lodge Defies Whisky Stereotypes

Approachable cocktails showcase whisky in delicious new ways.
Photos by Jordan Chesbrough
Blackthorn Cocktail


Classic Cocktails Find a Comfortable Home at Lazy Bird in Chicago

Obscure classics come out of the shadows thanks to bartender Lee Zaremba. 
John Valls


Inside Look: Century Grand, Phoenix

A dream-like destination born from a fascination with North America’s railway system.
All Images by Grace Stufkosky


2020 Beer Bar of the Year: The Grand Delancey, New York City

An inside look at NYC's newest beer hall.
Photos by Eric Medsker
Marfa Spirits


Marfa Spirits Aims to Make Spirits in a Distinctly West Texas Style 

The new distillery has set its sights on making regional versions of sotol and whiskey.
copalli rum


Drink of the Week: Copalli Rum

A Daiquiri-friendly cane spirit.
Photo courtesy of Copalli


Imbibe 75 Wine Bar of the Year: Ungrafted, San Francisco

A San Francisco wine bar with a refreshingly balanced approach. 
Carolyn Fong
Roastery Del Sur


Inside Look: Verve Roastery Del Sur

The newest spot from Verve Coffee is awash in sunny midcentury vibes.
All Images by Effie Benjamin
Des Moines


Perfect Day: Des Moines, Iowa

Bar owner Nick Tillinghast guides us through the city's best food and drink.
Fresh-Pressed Sugarcane Distillates


A Guide to Fresh-Pressed Sugarcane Distillates

Confused about what makes clairin different from other fresh-pressed sugarcane spirits? We break it down.
Photo courtesy of Novo Fogo

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