Bourbon Heritage Month Cocktails

Unanimously declared such by the Senate in 2007, September is Bourbon Heritage Month. What makes bourbon different from other whiskeys? By law, its mash must be made of at least 51% corn and aged in charred new oak barrels, lending its trademark sweet-smoky profile that makes it an ideal base from which to build a cocktail. So how are we celebrating the spirited holiday? Here are some of the bourbon cocktails we’ll be mixing to toast America’s native spirit.

All Spice and Everything Nice
A citrusy riff on the Lion’s Tail.

Amen Corner
This beauty was created by PDT alumni and bartender Nick Brown as a play on Sam Ross’ Paper Plane cocktail.

The Aviary
Bourbon and mezcal make for a surprisingly harmonious combo.

Bar Mash Old Fashioned
The Bar Mash Old Fashioned riff features a staff-selected Four Roses single-barrel bourbon, making for extra-special sipping.

Black Manhattan
Black Manhattan recipe uses Averna in place of sweet vermouth—a move that inspired bartenders around the country to follow suit.

Brown Derby Cocktail
Named for the restaurants that were a centerpiece of mid-20th century LA, the Brown Derby cocktail has become a familiar mix at bars across the country.

Bourbon Renewal
The Bourbon Renewal is one of the most popular cocktails on the menu of Clyde Common in Portland, Oregon. It combines bourbon, cassis, bitters, lemon, and gomme syrup for some extra body.

The Boulevardier
A cousin of the classic Negroni, the Boulevardier subs in bourbon for gin and can be sipped up or on the rocks.

Good ‘Ol Boy Brown Butter Whiskey Cocktail
Put a little elbow grease into making this brown butter whiskey cocktail, and you’ll be sipping the benefits for weeks to come.

New Toronto
The classic Toronto has an alluring balance of soft whiskey and bitter Fernet-Branca. This remix adds sweet vermouth and honey syrup to the recipe, and swaps American bourbon for the original Canadian whiskey.

Rosemary Maple Bourbon Sour
Fresh rosemary, maple and bourbon form a trifecta of deliciousness in this bright, herbaceous sour.

Not ready to let go of summer flavors yet? This swizzle-like gem plays host to both bourbon and aged rum. Citrus and mint brighten up the blend with tropical vibes.

Walnut Old Fashioned
The Walnut Old Fashioned is an old favorite gussied up with the warm complexities of walnut liqueur.

Whiskey Daisy
Bourbon meets rye in this contemporary daisy.