12 Cranberry Recipes for Winter

Tiny, tart and versatile, cranberries have long been the ruby-red stars of the holiday dinner table, but they also make for a great drink ingredient. From cake to cocktails, here are 12 creative ways to showcase one of winter’s most delicious fruits.

County Fair
All the charm of fruitcake in one delicious drink.

Cranberry-Apple Shrub
Mix this shrub with seltzer for a full-bodied soda, or spike it with booze for a seasonal cocktail.

Cranberry Bitters
This easy formula fuses fresh cranberries with orange peel, bittering botanicals and a bouquet of seasonal spices.

Cranberry Eggnog Cake
Two iconic seasonal flavors come together in this sweet treat.

Cranberry Mors
This tart, fruity drink is brilliant in color and velvety in texture.

Cranberry Rum Punch
Perfect for holiday gatherings, this rum punch recipe combines cranberries with rum and a splash of sparkling wine.

Cranberry Smash
Cranberry-infused gin shines in this wintry mix with rosemary and lemon juice.

Livorno Fizz Cocktail
Sweet, herbal Galliano blends with cranberry juice and prosecco in this festive cocktail.

Miller’s Tale
Spanish cider pairs perfectly with ginger and cranberries

Mocktail: Pomegranate, Lime and Ginger
Cranberry juice forms the base of this refreshing alcohol-free drink.

Northern Lights Cocktail
Put leftover cranberry sauce to use in this sparkling cocktail.

Vixen Punch
This party-ready punch is the perfect crowd-friendly, mix-ahead punch for holiday gatherings.