Tonic Cocktails

Long known for its leading role in the Gin & Tonic, tonic water (and its relatively recent counterpart, tonic syrup) has become a go-to ingredient for bartenders looking to add a bright, bitter edge to cocktails. Here are some recipes that highlight tonic in creative ways.

Albra Cocktail
Tonic water finishes off this mix of vodka, Cynar, mint and lemon.

Calvados & Tonic
A G&T riff with a French twist.

Mexican chile-lime salt adds a pop of spice to this tangy highball.

Damn The Weather’s Winter Spritz
When Barolo Chinato meets the bright spark of cava and bittersweet tonic syrup, a lush bouquet of flavor emerges.

Game Room Highball
This highball brings together a number of seemingly disparate flavors in perfect harmony.

Green Goddess
A sweet and savory cocktail brightened with tonic water.

Honeyed CG&T 
Cold-brew and honey boost the classic G&T.

Italian G&T from Whitechapel
The Negroni meets the G&T at Whitechapel in San Francisco.

Koffie & Tonic
Genever warms up this cold-brew and tonic from Singapore.

Kettle Black’s Tequila Cocktail
Tequila and tonic meet bittersweet quina.

Lavender Blanc
This low-ABV cocktail matches dry vermouth with lavender bitters and tonic water.

Nester’s Refresher
An effortlessly sessionable cocktail from Tin Tin in Atlanta.

Peach Fever
Fresh muddled peach and a splash of Benedictine help sweeten this T&T.

Portuguese Gin & Tonic
The classic G&T gets a Mediterranean twist.

Sherry and Tonic
Gentle enough to sip all afternoon.

Simon’s Gin & Tonic
Why choose between a Martini and Gin & Tonic when you can have both?

Strawberries and Old Tom Gin & Tonic
There’s no forgetting this gorgeous G&T from Sable in Chicago.

The Dutch Connection
This lovely springtime twist on the G&T has a boozy backbone.

Vermut & Tonic
The standard combo benefits from a few extra layers of deliciousness.

White Port and Tonic
A simple low-proof aperitif.