Damn the Weather’s Winter Spritz

Barolo Chinato is ideal for winter sipping, and when it meets the bright spark of cava and bittersweet tonic syrup, a lush bouquet of flavor emerges. If you opt to use a tonic syrup other than Bradley’s (or a commercial carbonated tonic), Aaron Kimmel suggests adding two dashes of allspice dram to help balance out the sweetness.

1½ oz. Barolo Chinato
¼ oz. tonic syrup (Kimmel uses Bradley’s)
1 oz. club soda
3 oz. cava
Tools: barspoon
Glass: wine glass
Garnish: orange slice

Pour the chinato, tonic and club soda into a glass, add ice and stir until combined. Top with cava and garnish.

Aaron Kimmel, Damn the Weather, Seattle

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