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Simon’s Gin & Tonic

While tending bar one evening at the now-closed Juniper in Vancouver, B.C., Shaun Layton was midway through mixing a Martini when the guest who ordered it suddenly left. “Another guest asked for a Gin & Tonic, dealer’s choice,” Layton says. “Being somewhat resourceful, I turned the Martini into a G&T,” he says of this fusion of the two drinks, named for Fords gin producer, Simon Ford.

1½ oz. gin (such as Fords)
½ oz. dry vermouth
4-5 oz. chilled tonic water, to taste (such as Fever-Tree)
Glass: large goblet
Garnish: lemon twist, 2 olives

Fill a goblet with ice, then add the gin, vermouth and tonic. Stir to combine, then garnish.

Shaun Layton, Vancouver, B.C.

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