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There’s no magic to making a good Gin & Tonic—but as bartenders have tinkered with the familiar formula in recent years, the results they’ve come up with have often proved magical. “It’s a simple drink, easy to understand for almost everybody,” says Alberto Pizarro, bar manager and co-owner of Bobby Gin in Barcelona, a city that’s gone particularly wild for the revamped G&T. Pizarro explains that the drink’s unrivaled powers of refreshment, coupled with the expanding options in the worlds of both gins and tonics, have opened the doors for many variations on the familiar theme. With Spanish bartenders spreading the G&T gospel, and North American bartenders reappraising the simple classic, we thought this summer the perfect time to share a few favorites we’ve come across along the way. Check out a few of the recipes below, and grab a copy of the July/August 2016 issue while it’s still on stands to see the complete lineup.

Extra Fancy’s Gin & Tonic
Frozen! File under: too good to pass up.

My Father’s Gin & Tonic
The New York barkeep shares the recipe and story behind the drink he calls My Father’s Gin & Tonic.

Sherry and Tonic
At Small Victory in Austin, Steven Robbins adds orange bitters to deepen the flavors of this Sherry and Tonic.

Simon’s Gin & Tonic
Why choose between a Martini and Gin & Tonic when you can have both?

Strawberries and Old Tom Gin & Tonic
There’s no forgetting this gorgeous G&T from Sable in Chicago.

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