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MJ22 cover

No. 97 May/June 2022

MJ22 cover

Vodka’s been an essential part of America’s drinking culture for the past half century, and for the drinking cultures in much of Europe for centuries before that. We were deep in preparations for this issue’s cover feature on vodka—celebrating the spirit’s history, and its role in global drinks culture—when Russia launched an unprovoked attack on neighboring Ukraine in late February.

While many people immediately associate vodka with Russia (understandably), the spirit also has historical roots in Poland, and a contemporary culture that’s right at home in France, the United States, and, notably, Ukraine. Vodka today is as international of a spirit as there could be, with greater stylistic diversity than its old reputation might suggest. Check out our vodka feature and start your own exploration using a favorite local brand, or a bottle from distillers in Sweden, France, Japan, or Ukraine.

It’s been more challenging than ever these past two years to ship bottles to distant markets, whether those bottles are filled with vodka, whisky, or wine. Miranda Rake takes a look at supply chain woes in the wine world and at the creative work-arounds wine professionals are discovering.

Creativity is a keyword for many of today’s brewers, too, who are looking beyond typical retail and industrial spaces for opening their next brewery or taproom. Josh Bernstein explores how new beer destinations are increasingly popping up in former fun parks, airports, churches, and beyond.

John Kessler takes us inside the booming world of alternative milks for this issue, and Robert Simonson shares the enduring story of birch beer in the northeastern U.S. We’ve also got cocktails made with sake, the little-known story of the Coconut Willie, a Piña Colada precursor, and Chasity Cooper’s profile of Oregon wine educator and entrepreneur Chevonne Ball. And should you have travel plans coming up for Montana, then get to know the bar game of Shake-A-Day—Kate Bernot has the details you need. If you’d like to buy a copy of this issue, click here.


Recipes in the Issue

Green Chile vodka mule

Green Chile Mule

Vodka Cocktail House of Balloons Teardrop Lounge

House of Balloons: A Vodka Cocktail

vodka martini The Doctor's Office

The Doctor’s Office Vodka Martini

Vodka cocktail Why You'd Want to Live Here

Why You’d Want to Live Here: A Spicy Vodka Cocktail

Tacos Capeados

Tacos Capeados

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