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It’s been a few decades since the dawning of the Appletini, which sent vodka-based ‘tinis into a tailspin of one-dimensional, cloyingly sweet cocktails. Now, with so many quality ingredients and creative bartenders eager to play with them, vodka ‘tini cocktails have evolved and improved, making them much easier to embrace. Here are some especially delicious takes on a few of the best-known of the vodka ‘tinis.

Apple Spiced Martini Chef Marcus Samuelsson‘s spiced take on the Apple Martini.

Born a Star A Porn Star Martini gets extra tropical with a touch of mamey sapote.

Cold Brew Martini A bold and bittersweet mix of vodka, amaro, honey, and cold brew.

Cucumber Sake Martini Cucumber vodka helps make this cocktail extra crisp and cool.

Daydream A refreshing mix of tea-infused vodka, lemonade, and elderflower liqueur.

Nancy’s Cosmo The classic Cosmo gets upgraded with a homemade cranberry cordial.

Norteño Pineapple helps soften the sweet heat of this vodka cocktail.

Riad Star A spicy take on the French Martini with the fruitiness of pomegranate and the heat of jalapeño.

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