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The Doctor’s Office Vodka Martini

vodka martini The Doctor's Office

Batched and frozen.

For their ideal vodka Martini, bartenders at The Doctor’s Office batch and dilute the drink in advance, then keep it in the freezer until ready to serve—also a useful technique at home. The single-serving formula below can easily be scaled up—just keep to the 4:1:1 ratio of vodka to vermouth and water.


  • 80 ml. neutral-style vodka (The Doctor's Office uses St. George All Purpose)
  • 20 ml. dry vermouth (such as Dolin)
  • 20 ml. water
  • Tools:resealable bottle, funnel
  • Glass:cocktail
  • Garnish:lemon twist or olives


Combine all of the ingredients in a sturdy bottle and seal. Place in the freezer for at least a few hours, until thoroughly chilled. To serve, pour into a chilled glass, then garnish.

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