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Champagne cocktails are a perfect way to put an even more celebratory twist on a glass of bubbly. From a Prohibition classic to an Italian-inspired modern sipper, here are some of our favorite ways to add a little extra pop to your cocktail glass.


A supercharged Daiquiri made with honey and Champagne.

The Bee’s Gees

The Bee’s Gees cocktail from JoJo’s Beloved in Atlanta is a clever mash-up of the Bee’s Knees and the French 75.

Bollicine Amaro Spritz

A bold, bitter sparkler for holiday celebrations.

Fort Point Punch

Perfect for the whiskey-loving crowd, this sparkling punch recipe from Drink in Boston has holiday party written all over it.

French 75

Whether you’re entertaining for the holidays or having a summer picnic, this early 20th-century sparkling gem is a perfect year-round cocktail.

Holy Benediction

Two simple ingredients make this sparkling cocktail shine.

Lady Washington

A blend of citrus and elderflower contrasts the warming flavors of brandy and honey in this sparkling cocktail.

The Lyndy Hop

The Vesper gets dressed up for the holidays in The Violet Hour’s twist on the classic.

Negroni Sbagliato

While the Sbagliato is said to be the result of a busy bartender mistakenly using sparkling wine instead of gin in a Negroni, it turned out to be a pretty happy accident.

Northern Lights

This sparkling cocktail gets saucy, thanks to several barspoons of a favorite holiday condiment.

Ponche de Mezcal Para El Año Nuevo

A festive sparkling punch made with mezcal and hibiscus.

Puttin’ On the Spritz

St. Germain, Cocchi Americano, and orange bitters make this an easy holiday go-to.


Dale DeGroff’s Ritz Cocktail, created while working at Aurora in 1985, bears the DNA of traditional classics, and it helped usher in a new wave of talented bartenders.

Rosemary’s Ring

Crisp rosemary and bright bubbles balance the richness of Cognac and amaro in Rosemary’s Ring, a vibrant cocktail from the team at Bible Club in Portland, Oregon.

To Thursday

This rum punch from The Bartender’s Handshake in Des Moines, Iowa, layers a base of blended Jamaican rum with the flavors of citrus and spice.

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