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Bobbing for Apple Cocktails

Forget the neon green appletinis; when apple season rolls around, there are plenty of ways to mix up autumn’s favorite fruit into an array of cocktails. With a pour of calvados here and a good glug of fresh apple cider there, here are ten recipes that make use of the apple’s uniquely sweet-tart, earthy flavor.

All Jacked Up
High-proof apple brandy laces this robust mezcal number from Mayahuel.

Baby Zombie
Applejack throws a welcome curveball at the classic Zombie.

Deauville Sidecar Royale
Calvados amplifies the fruity side of aged brandy in this twist on the classic Sidecar cocktail.

Escape from New York
Calvados and whiskey anchor bright coconut and pineapple in this late-summer hit.

Expense Account
With a foothold in dark molasses, this equal-parts rum cocktail has just the right amount of sweetness and spice.

Nassau Street
Rich, raisin-like vermouth and dry artichoke-based Cynar mingle in this apple brandy cocktail.

Normandie Club Old Fashioned
L.A’s Normandie Club makes a modern Old Fashioned using coconut bourbon, apple brandy and spiced almond syrup.

PDT’s Newark
A riff on the Brooklyn, made with apple brandy, Fernet Branca, vermouth and maraschino liqueur.

Washington’s Applejack Mule
Spirited applejack adds a splash of Americana to this peppery take on the traditional Moscow Mule.

Wildhawk’s Castaway Cocktail
An exotic blend of Calvados and Kummel make this highball a standout.

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