5 To Try: Sidra Cocktails

Unapologetically tart Spanish cider, or sidra, has cultivated a devoted fan base for its crisp, clean acidity. In our September/October 2017 issue, we highlight some of our favorite bottles, which can all be enjoyed when sipped solo, but they can also mix beautifully in cocktails. Ingredients like lemon, amaro and Aperol can elevate the flavor of Spanish cider—here are five sidra cocktails to try this fall.

Anxo’s Sidra Spritz
A fresh take on the Aperol Spritz.

First Wave
An unexpected blend of Scotch, amaro, citrus and cider make for sublime sipping.

The Long Walk Home
An expert marriage of tart cider with bittersweet amaro.

Sidra Car
A lively Sidecar riff that incorporates sparkling cider and lime zest.

Sidra Ponche
Two Spanish classics—sherry and sidra—come together in this citrus-packed fall cocktail.