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Drink of the Week: Social Hour Cocktails Harvest Whiskey Sour

While pumpkin spice may still receive the lion’s share of the autumnal attention, I prefer my fall vibes with a bit of kick. Enter the seasonal re-release from Social Hour Cocktails, the Harvest Whiskey Sour. While canned cocktails are certainly no longer a novelty, I’m still surprised when I taste a really good one. Social Hour Cocktails achieve the feat of being not just good for a canned cocktail, but genuinely delicious in general. This is likely due in part to their creation by Julie Reiner and Tom Macy. The two longtime bartenders know that you can’t make a good drink without good ingredients.

The Harvest Whiskey Sour starts strong with a base of George Dickel 13-year-old whiskey. Added to this is a short roster of fall-centric flavors including Honeycrisp apple, Meyer lemon, maple, cinnamon, and cardamom. The result is sweet, tart, and spicy with a warming, boozy backbone that would likely be just as delicious hot as it is over ice. And let’s be honest: Navigating a corn maze or frolicking in a pumpkin patch is way more fun with a buzz. Just be advised that, at 20 percent ABV, a single can contains three servings. Frolic responsibly. $28/4 250ml cans, socialhourcocktails.com

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