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Mixopedia: Fancy Drinks

What makes an ordinary cocktail extra special?
tom and jerry cocktail

Mixopedia: Solving the Mysteries of the Tom and Jerry Cocktail

Gather around for a toast to Tom and Jerry, whomever they may be.

Mixopedia: How Aspic Evolved Into the Pappy Jell-O Shot

From "punch jelly" to the Pappy Jell-O shot, Wayne Curtis traces the wild and wonderful history of jiggly cocktails.

The Bourbon Boom

America’s favorite whiskey is more popular than ever. But what’s the price of success?
ice cube tray

Tracing the Historical Arc of the Ice Cube Tray

From aluminum to plastic to soft silicone, Wayne Curtis explores the evolution of the ice cube tray.
White Russian

Mixopedia: The White Russian Abides

How a mediocre drink achieved immortality.
Rimmed Cocktail

Mixopedia: The Complicated Appeal of the Rimmed Cocktail Glass

Wayne Curtis on the virtues and downfalls of sugar and salt rims.

The Rising Tide of Halifax Cocktails

The Nova Scotia destination finally gets a seat at the bar.

Who served the last drink before Prohibition?

One famous bartender claimed the credit, but history suggests otherwise.

Why We Drink Champagne on New Year’s Eve

Columnist Wayne Curtis digs into the history of the season's most iconic drink.
mcsorley's bar

Mixopedia: A Brief History of the Bar Foot Rail

How one of the bar's most essential design elements has waxed and waned in popularity over the decades.
tiki bob

Who is Tiki Bob?

The story behind one of tiki's most ubiquitous drinking vessels.
sazerac cocktail

History Lesson: The Sazerac

Wind through the sprawling history of the New Orleans classic.
Zebra Room

Behind the Bar at the Zebra Room in Los Angeles

A snapshot of LA drinking history.

Mixopedia: The Tale Told by Bar Matchbooks

Where’ve you been? Matchbooks once told the tale.
freddie johnson

Freddie Johnson Has a Story to Tell

Meet the bourbon world's favorite tour guide.
Plastic Drinking Straw

Mixopedia: RIP, Plastic Drinking Straw

Looking back on two centuries of sipping.
pony glass

Mixopedia: The Pony Glass

Demystifying one of the bar’s more confusing historical terms.