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Millionaire Cocktail

A Cocktail Worth … One Million Dollars

A classic cocktail that could make anyone feel like a millionaire with a few sips and modest outlay.
mixopedia cooling drinks

Cooling Drinks Before the Advent of Air-Conditioning

What the perspiring generations in the pre-AC era drank to cool down.
Futurity cocktail

The Futurity Cocktail Offers a Sip of Yesterday’s Tomorrow

A drink that never really disappeared yet never really caught on.
Mixopedia Black Nail

Is the Black Nail the Perfect Drink for St. Patrick’s Day?

How the Irish version of the Rusty Nail factored into Irish whiskey's survival.

El Presidente: The Most Famous Drink Never Drunk

When a U.S. president found himself challenged over an act of diplomacy: to drink or not to drink.
fresco cocktail

The Fresco Cocktail Is Open for Your Naming Needs

Why this perfectly good name for a cocktail is now up for grabs.
FDR Martini Repeal Day

Did FDR Really Mix the First Legal Martini After Repeal?

The story behind FDR's legendary cocktail hours and his first post-Repeal drink.
Neal Bodenheimer

Neal Bodenheimer Lives at the Intersection of Cocktail History and Community

How the New Orleans native helped shape the city's bar scene.
Mixopedia city cocktails

Why Do Most Cocktails Named After Cities Fail to Thrive?

Why some city-centric cocktails never got enshrined in the canon of classics.
Coconut Willie

Mixopedia: Before the Piña Colada There Was the Coconut Willie

In 1937, Hawai‘i came to New York.

Imbibe 75 Person to Watch: Kimberly Patton-Bragg

How the New Orleans bartender has left her mark on the Crescent City's bar scene.

Imbibe 75 Person to Watch: Touré Folkes

With Turning Tables, Folkes is helping underrepresented communities kickstart careers in the bar world.

How the Café Brûlot Ventures Far Beyond the Basics

The story behind one of the showiest cocktails ever invented.
cocktail competitions

Mixopedia: Why Cocktail Competition Winners Seldom Become Classics

How competition cocktails became the show dogs of the cocktail world.

Delphine Gardère Has Big Plans for Her Family’s Fabled Rum Distillery

How the fifth-generation rum producer is keeping her family's legacy alive while shaping a new future.

Mixopedia: Black Tot Day Marks the End of a British Rum Tradition

The day the rum stopped flowing.

Mixopedia: Reassessing the Grasshopper’s Origin Story

Who really invented the Grasshopper? Wayne Curtis does some digging.

Mixopedia: The Tap-Icer’s Journey From Bar Essential to Bar Relic

The rise and fall of a once beloved ice-cracking tool from the 1940s.