No. 78 March/April 2019

March/April 2019


    Roadside Attractions

    How distilleries are transforming into tourist destinations. Read More »

    Pint-Sized Adventures

    When beer’s the reason for a journey—and the reward at the destination.

    Under the Bough

    A visit to Friuli’s seasonal farm taverns.

    Up, Up & Away

    Exploring Maokong, Taiwan’s mountaintop tea village.

    Checking In

    50+ hotel bars to add to your travel itinerary.



    An easy-mixing floral liqueur, five travel-exclusive whiskies to find on your next layover, three takes on the Singapore Sling, the anatomy of the 20th Century cocktail, a day in Paris with bar owner Scotty Schuder, and Borderless Wine with writer and sommelier Peter Weltman.


    Where’ve you been? Matchbooks once told the tale.

    Taste Test

    Instant coffees for people who don't drink instant.


    Travel essentials for drinkers on the go.


    Swedish punsch brings a world of flavor to cocktails.


    Distillery tour guide Freddie Johnson has a story to tell.

    Drinks Atlas

    Walla Walla Valley, Washington

    Scene Scout

    Charlotte Voisey’s guide to the best airport bars. Read More »


    A flavor-packed stew for feasting with friends.


    Even a constant traveler needs a regular place to drink.

    Bonus Articles

    Classic Hotel Cocktails

    From the Rob Roy to the Queen’s Park Swizzle. Read More »

    Checking In With Some of Our Favorite Modern Hotel Cocktails

    Recipes that will give you reason to look forward to your next trip. Read More »

    Mark Dredge on Traveling with Beer

    How to find the best beers in unfamiliar cities and get them home safely. Read More »

    Singapore Sling Riffs

    How bartenders are interpreting the classic today. Read More »

    Rare and Vintage Spirits Star at the Milk Room

    Vintage spirits and cocktails find new life at the Paul McGee-helmed bar. Read More »

    Inside Look: Death & Co. Denver

    A wilderness playground and a thriving food and drink scene make Colorado the perfect spot for a second location. Read More »

    Politics are Off the Record at this Washington, D.C. bar

    A nation that drinks together stays together. Read More »

    Finding Absinthe Island

    A walk through the jungle yields unexpected surprises. Read More »

    Meet the Distillers Reinventing New England Rum

    References to history abound in these modern rums. Read More »