Veggie Cocktails

Fruits have long been a go-to for cocktail mixing, but when you’re looking for a more savory flavor profile, head toward the veggie aisle. Peppers, cucumber, corn, beets, carrots—the options are varied, but here’s a list of recipes that will get you going in the right direction.

Del Huerto
Two ounces of grilled corn anchor this tequila treat.

Early Start
This cocktail from Better Luck Tomorrow combines sorrel with aquavit.

Beet It
A ginger-beet agave syrup sweetens this tequila cocktail.

Gin Rocket
Muddled arugula gives this gimlet riff a verdant hue and peppery bite.

Kalamazoo Julep
This julep-inspired cocktail features celery, two ways.

Ox Blood
Bourbon plays well with beets in this gem from Ox in Portland, Oregon.

Two Charlies
Fresh carrot juice brings earthiness to ginger and vodka.

The Stalker
This bubbly spring sipper mixes ginger beer with tangy celery shrub.