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No. 95 January/February 2022

Every January, to kick off the new year, we bring you the Imbibe 75—people and places we think will inspire the way we all drink in the year to come. That worked out great until 2020 happened, and all of our lives turned topsy-turvy. With that in mind, last year we dedicated the Imbibe 75 issue to people and organizations who were working to make the drinks world a better place and to build a more positive future for us all.

For this year’s Imbibe 75, we’re once again celebrating those who are working toward a better future (such as brewer Brienne Allan, and bartender Touré Folkes), and we’re also taking the opportunity to hit the reset button by once again bringing you stories of people and places who are innovating and creating new and interesting experiences in the drinks space.

We’ve got bartenders like Christian Suzuki-Orellana, who’s bringing his family’s bar-owning history in Japan and his Bay Area experience to bear on his work in San Francisco. Brewers Tara Hankinson and LeAnn Darland, of Talea Beer Co. in Brooklyn, are former homebrewers bringing a more approachable style to beer. Caitlin Braam in Seattle has been working with some of the best brands in cider for years and is now shaping cider’s future.

And check out some of the exciting places to visit and gather in the months ahead. JoJo’s Beloved in Atlanta infuses disco-era fun into their cocktail approach, and Kettl in Brooklyn is reshaping our experience of Japanese tea. In New York City, Boisson is a beer, wine, and liquor store that carries exclusively alcohol-free products, and in Los Angeles, Melanie is the latest place to discover new wines.

There’s also excellent African-grown coffee at Boon Boona in Seattle, sake brewers like Farthest Star in Massachusetts and Chiaki Takahashi in Hawai‘i, and Juan Calderon, who’s making the shift from working behind top cocktail bars to becoming a distiller.

It’s a new year, and in a lot of ways, a new beginning for all of us. Join us in celebrating this year’s Imbibe 75, and be sure to visit us here on the web throughout January and February to experience more of these stories.

Happy new year,

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