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JF21 cover

No. 89 Jan/Feb 2021

JF21 cover

Well, that was a weird year.

There’s no sugarcoating 2020. A global pandemic, political turmoil, economic collapse, police violence, social upheaval, ecological catastrophes—let’s all agree to not repeat that experience anytime soon.

But it’s the start of a new year, and while there are positive signs on the horizon, there’s still a long way to go until we’re in comfortable territory. Fortunately, we have many helpful guides to show us the way.

We kick off every year with our Imbibe 75 list of people, places, destinations, and directions that will help shape the way we drink in the year ahead. But for 2021, we chose a different tack—we’re recognizing many of the individuals, organizations, and businesses that are working in some way to create a more positive hospitality industry, a more inclusive drinks culture, and better communities and futures for all of us.

Check out people like Rania Zayyat, the founder of Wonder Women of Wine, a nonprofit advocating for gender equality in the wine world. Meet Candice Madison, an Oakland-based coffee professional on the board of directors for the Coffee Coalition for Racial Equity. Read about the experiences of Yannick Benjamin, a sommelier and co-founder of Wheeling Forward, an organization that empowers people with disabilities. And look at the work being done by No Us Without You LA, a bartender-established group aiding the families of undocumented workers during the COVID-19 crisis, and of Amy George, founder and CEO of Earthly Labs in Austin, which is helping brewers reduce their carbon footprint. These are just some of the inspiring people featured in this special issue.

The most difficult year we’ve known is in our rearview mirror—now there’s plenty of work to be done to create a safer, more equitable, and more sustainable future for the drinks world. Read about some of the people helping us to get there, but more importantly, look for opportunities to engage with these efforts moving forward. A more positive future is up to all of us.

Here’s to a much happier year ahead.

Recipes in This Issue

Ricotta Fritters From il Buco

Turmeric Hot Toddy

Doom Tiki Cocktail: Inside the Sun

apple cocktail

Double Apple Cocktail

Classic Champs Élysées Cocktail

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