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There’s no topping the classic Mint Julep recipe, but that doesn’t stop some bartenders from bending the parameters to create interesting variations. Bookmark this recipe for a pitcher of juleps if you’re entertaining a crowd, check out Chris McMillian’s tips for perfecting your julep making, and learn about the fascination history of the julep strainer from Wayne Curtis.

American Pharoah This brandy cocktail from acclaimed PDT bartender Jeff Bell combines the spirit with sherry, strawberry, and mint for the perfect warm-weather sipper.

Champagne Julep Mint’s cooling powers meet the effervescence of sparkling wine and heaps of crushed ice.

Cheater Tin Julep This cocktail combines fresh mint with genever, Cynar, and white Port.

Cynar Julep An amaro-based spin on the classic.

Day at the Races Beer Julep The perfect marriage of whiskey and hops.

Ginger Julep Spice up your next julep with ginger liqueur.

Kalamazoo Julep A double dose of celery adds another layer of refreshment in this julep from Austin bar Midnight Cowboy.

Mint Julep Iced Tea Sweet tea brings an extra helping of Southern flavor to this mint julep hybrid.

Rye Julep High-proof rye whiskey gives this julep an extra-bold whiskey flavor.

Shiso Julep Herbaceous shiso takes the place of spearmint in this Japanese-inspired julep. Honeydew syrup adds a summery sweetness.

St. Regis Julep With a split base of whiskey and rum, the St. Regis Julep is a New Orleans classic from Stanley Clisby Arthur’s Famous New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix ‘Em.

Tropical Julep Switch up your typical julep with this tropical take.

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