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In the March/April 2021 issue, writer Laurel Miller explores the origins and mixability of génépy, an herbal liqueur enjoyed as an aperitif and digestif in the Western Alps, a region that historically included parts of France, Italy, and Switzerland. Softer in personality than Chartreuse and absinthe, génépy makes for a versatile cocktail ingredient, especially in refreshing spring and summertime drinks.

Génépy and Tonic An extra cooling, herbaceous take on the G&T.

Golden Ghost Opposites attract in this modern twist on the classic.

Grand Duke’s Nectar Rum, Cognac and black tea merge seamlessly with a hint of génépy.

Jungle Cat Tequila and passion fruit meet génépy and absinthe.

Lush Life Sage’s unique aromatics help merge the spice notes of falernum with the bright botanicals of génépy.

Punch Line Fresh bell pepper stars in this tequila cocktail.

Tongue Twister An earthy take on the classic Last Word.

Welcome to France The classic Manhattan lightens up with génépy.

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