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In the March/April 2023 issue, we spotlight fino sherry—the driest of sherries—as a versatile cocktail ingredient. Whether mixed in a Martini variation or a low-proof libation, fino sherry brings a delicate dryness to cocktails of all kinds.


A balance of sweet vermouth with dry fino sherry and bitter Fernet-Branca.

The Congressman’s Lunch

This Dirty Martini variation features brightness with salinity from the sherry and acidity from a pickle brine.


Two low-ABV ingredients—Cocchi Americano and fino sherry—come together for a supremely refreshing highball.

Late to the Party

In this low-proof shandy, a pear shrub’s acidity is balanced by the bitterness of amaro and the dryness of fino.

Milady’s Martini

Julie Reiner‘s take on the original Milady’s Martini, featuring gin, rosé vermouth, fino sherry, and amaro.

Sidra Ponche

Spanish cider’s funky notes are tempered by fino sherry and lemon in this sidra cocktail.

Take a Hike

This smoky and dry cocktail with mezcal, Strega, fino, and an aroma of fresh sage is evocative of hitting the trails around Los Angeles.

That’s That

Bianco vermouth imbues this Martini variation with brightness and richness while fino sherry lends dryness.

Tuxedo Cocktail

This Martini relative swaps vermouth’s herbal character for the distinctive nuttiness of fino sherry to create an intriguing and distinctively dry cocktail.

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