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The Espresso Martini has come a long way since it was created in the ’80s. Since then, many bartenders have tweaked the classic formula by adding different liqueurs, syrups, and coffee elements, and more recently, even the base spirit sometimes gets swapped out while more emphasis is placed on the drink’s coffee component. Here are a few Espresso Martinis that warm up the coffee notes and lean into the drink’s bold character.

Black Rose Espresso Martini

Rhum agricole stars in this simple three-ingredient alternative to the vodka-based classic.

Jitterbug Café

Cynar, coffee liqueur, and the nutty sweetness of toasted pecan syrup play up the roasted coffee notes of cold brew in this shaken Irish Coffee-Espresso Martini hybrid.

La Vive

Orgeat and mole bitters deepen the flavor of this bold mezcal-based Espresso Martini.

A Quartet of Espresso Martinis

Vodka steps aside and lets a quartet of amari step into the spotlight.

Rémy Espresso Martini

In this Espresso Martini variation, Cognac complements the warm coffee notes.

Strange Brew

This cocktail by Nashville’s Husk is the Espresso Martini alternative that coffee lovers have been craving.

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