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With the power to transport you to the heart of a snowy forest in a single sip, alpine liqueur is a perfect ingredient for the holiday season. Today, there are great options made by traditional European distillers as well as adventurous American producers. Here are a few recipes from bartenders around the U.S. that showcase the unique flavor of these liqueurs.

Melrose Umbrella Co. Collins 
Pear vodka meets rosemary-honey syrup, lemon, alpine liqueur and soda in this Collins riff.

Golden Ghost
Opposites attract in this modern twist on the classic Bijou.

In the Pines
This mezcal cocktail has winter written all over it.

Welcome to France
Single malt whiskey and sweet vermouth back up the woodsy flavor of alpine liqueur.

Lush Life
Sage’s aromatics help merge the spice of falernum with the botanicals of génépy.

Little Caprice
A light and refreshing collins with hints of alpine herbs, tea and pineapple.

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