Hibiscus Drinks Recipes

Some of the most fun drinks ingredients to play with simultaneously lend a pop of color and flavor. Hibiscus checks both boxes. With its vibrant red color and floral tartness, hibiscus works beautifully in everything from alcohol-free teas to bold cocktails.

Ahumado Seco
A beautiful balance of bold mezcal and bright hibiscus.

DIY Hibiscus Tea
From Minero in Charleston, a hibiscus tea made with dried flowers and spices.

Hibiscus Tea Cobbler
Hibiscus tea anchors this Cognac-based cobbler from Bar Casa Vale in Portland, Oregon.

Hibiscus Shandy
Hibiscus-lavender honey lends a floral depth to this easy-drinking shandy.

Hibiscus Punch
Mix batches by the pitcher, swap in pisco for tequila, or cut the recipe with sparkling water.

Limantour’s Jamaica Cocktail
Spiced hibiscus syrup, earthy mezcal, fresh lime and a pinch of cardamom.

Mezcal Sun-Risa
Hibiscus helps cut through the heat of habanero in this twist on the Tequila Sunrise.

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