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Over the holidays, there are plenty of long weekends to look forward to. These are the perfect times for ambitious home bartenders to stretch their mixing skills and try techniques like infusions, fat-washing, and clarifying. Here are a few recipes to play with that require, at most, about 24 hours to make.

Amor & Lujuria

This decadent Negroni riff involves creating two infusions, a cacao-infused vermouth and strawberry-infused Campari, which balance out the classic bitter notes of the drink. Time: 24 hours

Asobi Seksu

For Imbibe 75er Christian Suzuki-Orellana‘s verdant stunner, the homemade edamame milk and ginger syrup are quick and easy to do. It’s the optional candied edamame pod that adds a day to the cocktail’s preparation. Time: 24 hours

Chai & Biscuits

Cozy up to this clarified cognac milk punch, with its chai infused-cognac and homemade vanilla cream, ginger syrup, and chai syrup. Time: 3 hours

Chains to the Mast

It’ll take a whole day to infuse a bottle of Fernet Branca with frozen strawberries, but it’s worthwhile for this herbal strawberry daiquiri/Miami Vice hybrid. Time: 24 hours

Cowboy Tea

Vanilla does double duty in this rye whiskey cocktail by Fin and Fino in Charlotte, North Carolina, with a vanilla-infused green Chartreuse and vanilla orange bitters. Time: 24 hours

El Centro

The cocktails at Carlsbad’s Campfire are usually a little involved but worth the extra effort, like this tropical winter drink with smoked oat milk, pepita orgeat, and chai cream sherry. Time: 2 hours

Miami Vice Milk Punch

Imbibe 75 bartender Adam Fournier elevates resort favorite the Miami Vice by clarifying a piña colada coconut milk punch and freezing strawberry daiquiri into ice cubes. Time: Overnight

Phil Collins

For this bright, berry cooler from The Snug in Sacramento, blend vodka or gin with warm unrefined coconut oil and afterward infuse it at room temperature for 24 hours. Then place the mixture in the freezer for several hours until the oil has solidified on top and the liquid strained. Time: 28 hours

Stargazing With Galileo

The brown-butter-washed coffee in this after-dinner bourbon-and-amari sipper takes it to a decadent level. Time: 24 hours

Tablet Negroni

The Negroni gets the clarified milk punch treatment in Hidden Leaf’s Tablet Negroni. All the ingredients are batched together and left in the refrigerator for a day. Afterwards, the mixture is strained through a coffee filter and bottled. Time: 24 hours

Tomato Caprese Cocktail

The tomato water proves the most time-consuming ingredient in the Tomato Caprese cocktail. After the tomato purée is frozen, it’s then thawed for about a day to produce about a cup of clear liquid. Time: 28 hours

Under the Host Martini

Leo Robitschek’s take on the Dirty Martini is well worth the time it takes to make that olive brine. Time: 24 hours

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