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When it comes to the Super Bowl, no matter which team you’re rooting for, game-day parties are really all about the spread. We gathered crowd-pleasing dishes and drinks for an elevated Super Bowl menu, because why not go all out? Even if you show up to a party with just one of these, it’s sure to be a hit.


Plum and Rum Glazed Chicken Wings These sweet and spicy wings get an extra punch of flavor from a healthy pour of rum.

Spicy Crispy Peanuts Spicy, candy-coated peanuts are the perfect match for cold beer.

White Wine Cheese Board It’s labeled “white wine” but this recipe is actually a blueprint for how to set up a cheese board to complement your drink of choice.


Drunken Lamb Chops The beauty of this recipe? Even if you’re not into lamb, its brandy marinade would also work beautifully with grilled steak.

Smoky Chicken Ragu with Mezcal, Chiles and Olives Mezcal accents smoky chiles in this rich ragu.


Lime-Spiked Pineapple Salad With all the savoriness on deck, you’ll need something light and bright. Try this easy-to-make mix of pineapple dressed with a wine-spiked vinaigrette.

Roasted Cauliflower With Creamy Beer and Leek Sauce A hearty Belgian dubbel lends a delicious richness to this roasted cauliflower.


Betty Lou’s Bourbon Balls Why save these little bites of heaven for the holidays? They’re perfect for indulging without having to take your eyes off the screen.

Red Wine Brownie Cookies These rich, fudgy brownie cookies make a perfect game-day sweet treat.


Charleston Brown Water Society PunchBatch up this bourbon and dark rum punch recipe and set it out right before kickoff.

Jealous Moon This refreshing beer cocktail gets a bold kick from two types of amari.

Pale Aperale Spritz It’s everyone’s favorite spritz but with a hoppy pale ale.

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