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To take the edge off these long, cold winter days we’re turning to some of our favorite comfort foods. From wine-braised meats to beer-battered fish and chips, here’s a collection of some of our go-to boozy comfort foods.

English Bitter Fish & Chips

A pub classic gets retooled for home cooks with this recipe from Christian DeBenedetti’s and Andrea Slonecker’s excellent book, Beer Bites.

Creamy Butternut Squash Soup with Sherry

Sherry lends nuttiness to this creamy soup featured in the Food52 book, A New Way to Dinner.

Drunken Crab

Dungeness crab soaks up the flavors of beer and wine.

Fig and Red Wine-Braised Lamb Shank

Make lamb shanks the star of the dinner table with this show-stopping recipe from Naomi Pomeroy’s beautiful cookbook, Taste & Technique.

French Onion Soup

White wine (or sherry) elevates the traditional French soup in this recipe from David Lebovitz.

Mushroom Thyme Sherry Soup

This rich, savory mushroom soup benefits from a good pour of a dry sherry.

Roasted Broccolini with Winey Mushrooms

A hearty splash of wine makes this veggie-rich side dish sing.

Truffled Turkey with White Wine Gravy

Think turkey is only for the holidays? This truffle- and butter-infused bird is moist, golden, and perfect for enjoying all winter long.

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