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With a recipe that can be traced back to the late 1800s, Suze is a French liqueur made from a blend of farmed and wild gentian that’s macerated in alcohol for a year before distillation and blending. With its brilliant yellow color, the bittersweet liqueur may be best known for its role in the White Negroni, but it brings a bright floral bitterness to an array of cocktails. Start your Suze adventures with the recipes below.

Dreadlock Holiday
Erick Castro’s tropical take on the White Negroni.

Lovage: A Battlefield
A modern spritz that blends Suze with the soft floral botanicals of Cocchi Americano.

Negative Space
A bright and bubbly cocktail with Suze, crème de cacao and absinthe.

Nester’s Refresher
Suze and lemon help make this tonic highball bracingly tart.

Pennington Daiquiri
An earthy take on the classic.

Road Flare
Suze brings a bittersweet spark to this tried-and-true combo.

Isle of Golden Dreams
Bright, bitter and ever-so-slightly grassy thanks to a base of rhum agricole.

Rib Tickler Spritz
A bright and bubbly spritz recipe.

White Negroni
As irresistible as its Italian cousin.

White Negroni Daiquiri
A delicious mashup of two classics.

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