Holiday Punch Recipes

The holidays are all about playing host to family and friends, but instead of shaking cocktails one by one, look to punches, which allow you to prebatch your drinks and serve large groups in one fell swoop. Here are some of our favorite party-ready holiday punch recipes.

Charleston Brown Water Punch
Roderick Weaver from the Bar at Husk created this rum- and whiskey-based Southern punch recipe to serve at society events.

Day Dream Polish Punch
A traditional style of punch made from water and sugar simmered with dried fruits.

Dominican Spiced Cider
Made with rum and red wine, this spiced cider becomes more flavorful the longer it steeps.

Drink Boston Fort Point Punch
Champagne adds a festive sparkle to this punch from Boston, which is otherwise flush with baking spice and bright lemon flavors.

Gin Punch
This reworked Jerry Thomas classic comes from the book Speakeasy.

Kentucky Cardinal Punch
Wine lovers will love the tang of this Shiraz and vermouth punch, buffered with a bracing dose of rye whiskey and brandy.

Miel Picante Punch
The added heat on this warm rum and apple cider punch comes from a subtly spicy jalapeño and rum honey.

Ponche Navideño
Fruit and spice never tasted quite so nice.

Santa’s Little Helper Cider Punch
Cinnamon, spice and everything nice.

Sparkling Pomegranate Punch
Bright winter citrus gives this fizzy punch a colorful, tangy boost.

Tequila-Sherry Egg Nog
It just wouldn’t be the holidays without Morgenthaler’s recipe.

Vixen Punch
This vodka punch is featured in our book, Cocktails for the Holidays.

Yuletide Wave Punch
Think tiki drinks aren’t made for the holidays? This tropical punch will change your mind.

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