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Before dinner, after dinner, during dinner, there’s never a wrong time to appreciate a pour of liqueur. In The Power of Liqueurs, we break down the liqueur category in depth, and the breadth of bottles available encourages solo sipping to explore aromas, textures, and tastes. This collection of liqueur-focused glassware features options that match striking presentation with functional construction.

Flight Liqueur Glasses

Felicia Ferrone aims for timeless forms with the pieces of her permanent collection inspired by Chicago’s architectural scene. From Ferrone’s Flight series, an homage to Bertrand Goldberg’s Marina City towers, these cylindrical liqueur glasses feature a texturally ribbed upper half and stand 3.25 inches tall, holding 3.5 ounces. Made from durable Borosilicate glass, this modern-design duo makes an excellent option for serving aperitifs and digestifs. $180/set of 2,

Lustre d’Pasion Cordials

At 4 inches high, designer Jan Barboglio’s Lustre d’Pasion cordial glasses capture an old-world aesthetic with touches of rustic glamour. The set of mouth-blown opalescent glasses is engraved with a delicate etched pattern of seeds, and each V-shaped glass is cut, crafted, and finished by hand, creating a product that will hold a special place among any drinker’s barware. $150/set of 2,

Zalto Digestif Glass

With designs influenced by wine expert Hans Denk, Austria’s Zalto is known for finely crafted crystal glassware. The brand’s elegant stemmed digestif glass caters to the nose and palate alike. The slim, 4.75-ounce capacity bowl of the 8.25-inch glass enhances fruity aromas and flavors, making it a fine choice for fruit liqueurs and more. An added bonus is the glass’s dishwasher-safe durability. $64/per glass,

Normann Copenhagen Liqueur Glasses

Since its founding in 1999, Normann Copenhagen has risen to become one of the most notable names in Danish design. Extending the brand’s expertise into the realm of glassware, these liqueur glasses by Rikke Hagen are crafted to draw out the bouquet of aromas offered by the spirits. Featuring a wide bowl set upon a top-like point, the glasses turn to disperse scents while offering a gentle show. $45/set of 2,

Dorset Cordial Glasses

These hand-blown crystal glasses produced at a nearly century-old Slovenian glassworks are known for their clarity and sparkling presentation. At 4.75 inches high, each tulip-shaped vessel features hand-cut fluting and holds a 2-ounce pour, making the set a classic choice in which to showcase digestifs. $59.95/set of 2,

MAMO Cocktail Glasses

A playful collaboration between mixologist Arley Marks and designer Jonathan Mosca, the MAMO cocktail glass assumes an hourglass form to make it the ultimate multipurpose glass. Available in four colors, the glass has a 2-ounce end, perfect for serving liqueurs, and a 7-ounce side to accommodate cocktails that incorporate those liqueurs. $28/per glass,

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