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In the November/December 2018 issue, executive editor Paul Clarke explores Oakland’s thriving cocktail scene. Along the way, he discovered some memorable recipes from some of the city’s brightest mixing stars, which we’ve included here, along with a few recipes from our archives. Mix these up at home to get a taste of that East Bay flavor.

Carter Beats the Devil
Originally from Oakland bar Flora, this tequila and mezcal cocktail has also appeared on the menu at the Slanted Door in San Francisco.

Orange Maria
This mezcal-based cocktail from NIDO is perfect for brunch.

Double Standard
Raspberry gomme syrup adds a luxurious texture to this rye and Old Tom cocktail from Double Standard.

DJ Lisa 
In this mezcal cocktail from Starline Social Club, the agave spirit finds a perfect flavor match in citrus and cinnamon.

Hell’s Belles
The Negroni riff served at Hello Stranger matches mezcal’s earthiness with the herbaceous aroma of rosemary.

Paper Lion
This cocktail from Ramen Shop in Oakland is intensely floral, with layers of vanilla, pears and absinthe.

Plaid on Plaid
From Hopscotch, a simple riff on a whiskey sour with Scotch instead of bourbon.

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