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Imbibe’s Tasting Notes Enewsletter, 04.27.21

Later this week, I’m planning to grab a drink or two at a favorite bar. For the longest time, this activity was a regular ritual, so deeply ingrained in my day-to-day life that I usually gave it little thought beforehand. It was a drink, at a bar—as normal as can be.

But this will be the first cocktail I’ve sipped while it’s still foamy from the bartender’s shaker since March 13, 2020. We all know why. And this bar visit will be different in more ways than one—not only will my now-familiar face mask be part of the regimen, but as one of the millions who’s recently received a Covid vaccination and then waited at least a couple of weeks to let it fully ripen, I’m actually feeling kinda nervous about going back to many aspects of “regular” life. How will it go? I’ll fill you in later…

Many of us are emerging from the pandemic with one degree of wariness or another. But some of us have also developed new habits or interests that we don’t want to leave behind. For some, making coffee at home has become a comforting morning ritual, and many have stepped up their brewing game. As we ease back into the world, there’s still time to refine your technique—here’s a deep dive into home coffee brewers to help you out.

International travel is still looking like it’s a ways off, but you can transform your next cocktail hour into a mini-tour of the Western Alps by way of the herbal liqueur called génépy, which mixes beautifully in the Génépy & Tonic from Delaney Oyster House in Charleston, and the bright and smoky Tongue Twister from Raised by Wolves in San Diego.

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We’re all venturing back out into the world at our own pace. Bring your mask, and lend a hand to friends or family members who might need assistance or encouragement to set up their own vaccination appointments. Stay safe out there while we emerge from the pandemic, and be sure to support your local bars and restaurants—it’s time for the recovery to begin.

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