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Root beer popcorn cookie sandwiches

Root Beer Popcorn Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

An ice cream sandwich that shows why popcorn belongs in a cookie.
banana coconut sundae

Banana Coconut Sundae

Coconut rum adds a kick to this classic dessert riff.
Bossäm With Riesling Ssäm Sauce

Bossäm With Riesling Ssäm Sauce

This table-spanning feast proves Riesling can stand up to umami-rich pork and kimchi.
Molasses Ice Cream Sandwiches

Molasses Cookies With Bourbon Ice Cream

Warm, cozy spices and whiskey come together in the ultimate ice cream sandwich.
Stewed artichokes with mozzarella

Stewed Artichokes with Mozzarella

Artichokes take the lead in this seasonal salad.

Guinness Milk Chocolate Ice Cream

A dream dessert for beer lovers.
Oolong tea flan with brown sugar caramel by Rahanna Bisseret Martinez

Oolong Tea Flan With Brown Sugar Caramel

A simple flan infused with oolong tea.
spatchcock chicken by Tanya Holland

Sweet Tea and Molasses–Brined Spatchcock Chicken

Sweet tea finds a delicious new use in this chicken recipe.
Eggnog cake with bourbon cream

Eggnog Cake With Bourbon Cream

An easy-to-make cake that embodies the ultimate holiday cocktail.

Black Forest Crumpets

Simple yet stunning, these Black Forest crumpets take the cake.
Claire Saffitz What's for Dessert peach bourbon pecan cake

Peach, Bourbon, and Pecan Cake

Achieve frangipane decadence with this easy Southern-inspired cake.
Cure Mussels in Absinthe

Dauphine’s Mussels in Absinthe

A simple dish with New Orleans soul.
Cheese Grits with Jerk Pork

Cheese Grits With Jerk Pork

Dark rum lends a richness to jerk pork.
Dregs and Fruit Crumble

Dregs and Fruit Crumble

Put leftover wine to use in this simple summer crumble.
Gin & Tonic Cake

Gin and Tonic Cake

The spirit of a classic highball in a show-stopping cake.
Strawberry Margarita Jam

Strawberry Margarita Jam

A classic cocktail transformed for the breakfast table.
Strawberry-rhubarb kisel

Rhubarb-Strawberry Kisel

A favorite Ukrainian treat.
Tacos Capeados

Tacos Capeados

A Mexican lager—laced batter for juicy fish tacos.