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Drink of the Week: Oka Brand Yuzu Liqueur

I’ve been consuming a lot of citrus lately. The puckering, cheery zing of lemons and grapefruits match the way I want to drink here on the cusp of summer. Recently, I’ve been gravitating toward a new way to get my citrus: Oka Brand Yuzu Liqueur.

Produced at the Tsutsumi Distillery in Kumamoto, Japan, Oka’s Yuzu Liqueur is a sensational, aromatic delight, made with yuzu sourced from a 90-year-old grove. Fresh yuzu peel is macerated overnight in a base of neutral rice spirit, then the spirit is distilled in a pot still. Afterward, there’s a second maceration for three weeks with fresh yuzu peel. A final touch of Hokkaido beet sugar sweetens it up. With a velvety texture and notes of zesty grapefruit, this liqueur is a delicious way to perk up after dinner. But it could also work beautifully with something that sparkles. $34.99, missionliquor.com

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