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Drink of the Week: Ojo de Tigre Mezcal

Every year around the end of October I think about the time I visited Oaxaca City during Día de los Muertos. Many beverage traditions mark the occasion, including the sipping of mezcal. After seeing how much love surrounds these celebrations, I’ve started picking up a copita as a reminder to savor the good things in life every time November 1 rolls around. This season, I’m sipping Ojo de Tigre, the newest release from Casa Lumbre, which also makes Ancho Reyes, Montelobos, Abasolo and Nixta.

The lively mezcal is a blend of two types of agave—about 80 to 85 percent cultivated espadín from Oaxaca and 15 to 20 percent cultivated tobalá from Puebla. Both agave varieties are cooked traditionally in underground pits and allowed to ferment with natural yeast before being blended together and bottled in Oaxaca. A lightweight but lovely sipper, I delight in the cool cucumber vegetal green pepper notes that open up every sip, ending in a dry cinnamon and dark, dusty chocolate flavors. At 40 percent ABV (a touch lower than many mezcal distillates) the new-to-America ensamble is a soft and friendly gateway into the mezcal category for those curious to explore. $30.99, totalwine.com

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