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Drink of the Week: Flora Adora From Hendrick’s Gin

Spring may be well underway in some places, but in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, we’re at a slow start. I’m still bundled up in blankets and reading while waiting for the outdoor adventures to begin. For now, however, I’m settling for bringing the herb garden to my glass with the Flora Adora from Hendrick’s Gin.

Master distiller Lesley Gracie channels the most classically herbal notes of Hendrick’s original gin to produce Flora Adora. This gin is the fourth release from Hendrick’s Cabinet of Curiosities, the brand’s innovation lab, where Gracie utilizes the original product as a base for more experimental renditions. Previous limited-edition releases have included elegant, subtle gins like Midsummer Solstice and Neptunia.

Flora Adora, however, pays homage to the eponymous classic gin cocktail by introducing a bright kick of raspberry and lemon to balance out the heavily rose, botanical, and floral notes in the gin. From the nose to the lingering finish, every part of the smelling and tasting experience feels like taking an exhilarating trip through a garden. It’s complex yet refreshing, practically epitomizing the essence of a true G&T when added to some sparkling water or tonic with a lemon twist.

If it weren’t for later sunsets and prevailing cherry blossoms amid the winter temperatures, I’d be in a hot-cocoa mindset. But with enough botanical drinks in my system, I can start planning which herb garnishes I want to stick on my windowsill sooner than later. $44.99, qualityliquorstore.com

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