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St. Agrestis

Drink of the Week: St. Agrestis Black Manhattan Bag-in-Box

A spicy, sweet, and easy-drinking boxed cocktail.

Smouldering: A Shochu Cocktail

A warming mix of shochu, green tea, honey and salt.

Imbibe’s Tasting Notes Enewsletter, 03.02.21

Paul Clarke offers thoughts on travel, Scotch, and Japanese shochu.

Taste Test: Single Malt Scotch

Some bottle recs to help you start navigating your whisky explorations.

Gear: Matcha Tools

Dial in your next cup of with the best tools for the job.

Q&A: Filmmaker Erica Rose

The filmmaker and co-founder of the Lesbian Bar Project talks with us about the importance of representational spaces and the community they create.

Exploring the Origins of the Chocolate We Drink (and Eat)

The rich history of Mexican drinking chocolate.
talking cedar

How Talking Cedar Became the First Legally Operated Tribal-Owned Brewery and Distillery

186 years in the making, a new distillery creates fresh opportunities for a Washington tribe.

Patrice M. Palmer Is Forging a Fresh Future for Brewing

How the diversity, equity, and inclusion specialist is working to make the beer business more equitable and inclusive.

5 to Try: A Zinfandel for Everyone

Sommelier Cara Patricia shares her must-try bottle recs.

Minch’s Lure From Anvil Bar & Refuge

An opportunity to explore the softer side of Scotch.

Affinity Cocktail

A classic scotch cocktail gets a modern update.

Islay Daiquiri

Smoky Scotch stands in for rum in this riff.

Drinks Atlas: Islay, Scotland

What sets Islay apart from other Scotch regions? Some history, fun facts, and bottle recs.

Modern Scotch Cocktails

23 recipes that highlight the spirit's mixability.
shochu cocktail

Second Wind

Shochu shines in this rich Negroni riff.

El Tropi Brew From Café Comunión

A minty-fresh pick-me-up.

Drink of the Week: Liber & Co Toasted Coconut Syrup

A welcome dose of tropical sunshine that's perfectly primed for a Piña Colada.
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