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No one said the Irish Coffee had to be a hot cocktail or bust. Here are six warm-weather-friendly Irish coffee riffs that celebrate the classic coffee cocktail.

Broad Street Irish Coffee This icy update of the classic Irish Coffee achieves new levels of deliciousness with the addition of cold-brew coffee, bitters, and boozy whipped cream.

Dublin Iced Coffee Bartender Erick Castro’s recipe is a winning combo of stout and cold-brew.

Frozen Irish Coffee Chill out with this icy treat combining Irish whiskey, stout-coffee syrup, and a topping of sherry-kissed whipped cream.

Irish Breakfast Stout Looking to spruce up your typical Irish Coffee? Try this combo of stout, cold brew, cinnamon, and salted chocolate cream.

Irish Coffee Milkshake End your night on a sweet note with this boozy milkshake by Gospel Coffee and Boozy Treats in New Orleans.

Jitterbug Café Big Bar in Los Angeles combines two favorites: the Irish Coffee and Espresso Martini.

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