Nocino Cocktails For Fall

As executive editor Paul Clarke noted in his exploration of nocino cocktails, “walnuts offer one of the most fortifying and complex flavors to be savored during the cooler months.” And when transformed into the nutty liqueur called nocino, its bittersweet character makes for an excellent digestif. Bartenders have also discovered nocino’s versatility in cocktails. “Dark spirits, such as whiskey and brandy, have a natural affinity for nocino, as do deeper-flavored fortified wines, such as rosso vermouth, Madeira and oloroso sherry,” Clarke says. Drinks like the Morning Bell and Matrimony are great examples of the liqueur’s versatility, but we’ve also rounded up a handful of others to bookmark for the season. Try your hand at making a batch of nocino at home and then get mixing!

La Sirena Clandestina’s Amaro Cocktail
A dark and brooding number with Cynar, walnut liqueur and barrel aged-cachaça.

Snowball Old Fashioned
Snowball Old Fashioned blends walnut liqueur with spiced Becherovka and warming whiskey.

Walnut Manhattan
Bittersweet Punt e Mes and luxurious walnut liqueur take the classic into bold new territory.

Walnut Old Fashioned
Multiply the proportions to fill an empty bottle for an ideal Thanksgiving host gift.

Rum Walnut Alexander
To update the classic Brandy Alexander, Jon Howard reaches for rum and walnut liqueur.

Weekend’s Prize
Nutty sherry and walnut liqueur boost a smoky scotch base in this warming apple cocktail.