Five Things You Never Knew About … Cheryl Charming

The always affable Cheryl Charming has spent nearly three decades behind the bar as a bartender, consultant and instructor. The author of 14 cocktail books and keeper of, Charming is as personable as her name suggests, and while thousands of people call her their friend (seriously, she has 5,000 Facebook friends), here are five things you might be surprised to learn about her.

1. “The Galliano bottle holds a special place in my heart. It was the first bottle I saw looking through the window of a spirits store and I thought it was so beautiful.”

2. “I don’t like the taste of chocolate, yet I’ve created many chocolate-based cocktails for chocolate-loving guests.”

3. “I’ve never gone home with a guest after work in 28 years of tending bar.”

4. “I don’t spend my days off hanging out at bars.”

5. “I love to escape into a restaurant/bar freezer and take 10 slow icy-cold breaths. It recharges my body for a long bar shift.”