Punch Recipes

KentuckyCardinalPunch_StuartMullenbergNeed to serve a thirsty crowd? Try one of these party-ready punch recipes.

Admiral’s Rum and Brandy Punch

Tangy flavors of apricot, pineapple and grapefruit mingle with the subtle spices of rum and brandy in this warming winter punch.

Gin Punch

The talented duo behind New York City’s ever-popular Employees Only offer up this reworked, Jerry Thomas classic in their book, Speakeasy: Classic Cocktails Reimagined From New York’s Employees Bar.

Kentucky Cardinal Punch (pictured)

This punch from Kentucky bartender Kyle Higgins gets a strong fruity backbone from Southern Belle shiraz, a robust Australian wine aged in used Pappy Van Winkle whiskey barrels.

Miel Picante Punch

This warm party punch from Manhattan bartender Jane Danger packs some added heat with a spicy jalapeño and rum honey. But chile-phobes shouldn’t fear: the heat of the spiced honey is not at all overwhelming; “in fact it’s very light and warming,” Danger notes.

Spiced Pear Punch

Ginger and pears are a classic wintry duo, and here they become the base for a delicious sparkling punch.

Tradditional Wassail

Wassail is a traditional part of English Christmas celebrations, dating back to the 13th century. There are a myriad of recipes, but this more traditional recipe comes from Carla Bardi’s The Silver Book of Cocktails.