Easter Cocktails

Sure, you could whip up a batch of Mimosas or Bloody Marys, but why not liven up this year’s Easter brunch celebration with something a little more unexpected? From frothy sours to fruity punches, try these spring-ready Easter cocktails.

Arancia Julius
This Harvey Wallbanger riff was inspired by Cari Hah’s memories of drinking Orange Julius smoothies as a kid.

Amaretto Sour
Put those Easter eggs to good use and whip up this inventive twist on the classic sour.

Bee’s Breakfast
With fresh berries, honey and yogurt, this just might be the perfect brunch cocktail.

French 75
One of our favorite crowd-pleasing Easter cocktails is the bubbly French 75.

Green Eyes
Chartreuse ups the herbacousness of this gin cocktail from bartender Andrew Volk in Portland, Maine.

Homemade Pimm’s
Combining gin with sweet vermouth and a dash of port and Cointreau, this delicious punch is served with sparkling, homemade lemonade and loads of fresh fruit, mint and cucumbers.

Two Charlies
This spring-ready cocktail features one of the most natural flavor pairings: savory carrot juice and spicy ginger.

Sea of Cortez
This crème de cassis stunner offers an updated take on the classic El Diablo cocktail.

S’il Vous Plaît Sparkling Cocktail
Thyme syrup lends an herbal edge to this simple sparkling cocktail.

Whaley’s #1
A sunny spritz with rum, St. Germain, grapefruit juice and rosé.