Cherry Cocktail Recipes

CherryCherry Crush

5 spirited ways to make the most of cherry season.

Brandied Cherries

These little jewels are a simple and delicious way to dress up your cocktails.

Cherry Bounce

Make like Martha Washington with your own homemade cherry liqueur.

Cherry Mint Julep

It’s hard to improve on a classic Mint Julep, but this seasonal version is a keeper.

Ruby Tuesday Cocktail

Named in honor of the Rolling Stones song, this cocktail contrasts bold rye whiskey and herbal Bénédictine with bright lemon juice and fresh muddled cherries.

Sour Cream, Cherry and Tequila Paletas

Sweet, tart and creamy all at once, these frozen pops take on a grownup twist with a spirited nip of blanco tequila.