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For our 2023 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, we decided to do something a little different and ask our team what they’d love to receive (or give) this year. The wish list ranges from special sips to colorful artwork. If you’re shopping for a discerning drinker, peruse our personal picks for the ultimate Valentine.

Gear, Glassware, & More

Art Print by Imbibe Illustrator Kristen Solecki

“Our stories wouldn’t be complete without the magic of illustrators like Kristen. It’s fun to see her work outside of the context of our magazine. Plus, they add a splash of bold color that will liven up any space.” — Katrina Yentch, associate editor | $28,

Breville Barista Express Impress Espresso Machine

“Every morning, my java-loving partner brews me a cup of coffee with freshly ground beans in a French press. But Breville’s newest espresso machine, which debuted last September, would easily allow me to return the favor. It’s equipped with a built-in conical burr grinder and an assisted tamping feature. And with its high-pressure adjustable steam wand, I can even try my hand at heart latte art.” — Caroline Pardilla, digital content editor | $899.95,

Compartes Whisky Champagne Chocolate Gift Set

“I’m a sucker for boozy chocolates, and Compartes makes some of the best. This brand-new set combines the Los Angeles chocolatier’s most popular flavors, the Macallan 18 whisky truffles and Moët Champagne truffles. Making them extra precious are the edible 24-karat gold pattern and prints on the chocolates.” — Caroline Pardilla | $65,

Grassl Champagne Glass

“I’m a glassware obsessive, and Grassl’s handmade glasses are absolutely stunning! The tulip shape of the Champagne glass captures all the aromas of the wine, and it looks beautiful in hand.” — Karen Foley, publisher | $40/glass or $180/set of 6,

Jonathan Adler Pompidou Glassware Set

“It’s true, we don’t have any more room for glassware in our house. But I can’t resist the retro colors and style of this set whose design was inspired by the Centre Pompidou in Paris. And each glass has a 12.85-ounce capacity. That’s more than enough for any drink, whether an Amaretto Sour or a simple glass of water.” — Caroline Pardilla | $135,

Marcellin Ice Stamp Set

“Getting a stamped ice cube at a cocktail bar still brings me giddy joy, so why not extend that to the home bar? Plus, it comes with the cocktail picks I have been so desperately needing to level up the aesthetics of my drinks.” — Katrina Yentch | $70,

Origami Dripper

“To me, few acts of service say ‘I love you’ like, ‘Let me make you some coffee.’ And if you make that cup of coffee on this gorgeous porcelain dripper, crafted in Japan from Mino Ware clay, all the better. It also comes in a full rainbow of colors—perfect for adding something bright and cheerful to the morning routine.” — Penelope Bass, managing editor | $40,


Accompani Gift Pack

“The Accompani line was made with help from distiller Seth O’Malley, now of Wilderton Botanical Spirits. They’re incredibly bright, potent, and easy to work into a lot of classic cocktail recipes. Even the recipes on the bottles themselves are incredibly easy to follow.” — Katrina Yentch | $79.95,

Amaterra Pinot Noir Vertical Pack

“Amaterra makes elegant but approachable wines. Each vintage gives me a sense of time and place, and just how big a difference a year can make—whether or not that involves alcohol!” — Katrina Yentch | $145,

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon

“Is this bourbon on the pricey side? Yes. Can it be hard to find? Yes. But is it absolutely delicious? Damn right, and if someone wanted to get me a bottle I would really love, it would be Blanton’s. Yum.” — Penelope Bass | $155,

Bozal Castilla Agave Mezcal

“If you’re buying for someone who loves agave spirits, this limited-release mezcal will surely make them smile. It’s rich and complex and layered with all the goodness you hope for in a quality mezcal.” — Karen Foley | $109.96,

Broc Cellars Aqua Vino | Photo by Trinity White of Starr Gazers

Broc Cellars Aqua Vino

“California winery Broc Cellars always makes interesting and delicious (and affordable!) wines, like this piquette-like offshoot of their rosé. Made with already-pressed Valdiguié, the grapes are re-macerated with water, then fermented and blended with Broc’s Nouveau wine blend. The result is low-ABV (9 percent), bubbly, and fruit-forward. I’d be delighted to pop open this new bottle for a V Day dinner.” — Penelope Bass | $20,

Brooks Chocolate Wine Combo

“I got to experience a high-quality chocolate and wine pairing at Brooks x Woodblock Chocolate’s Bon Amis pop-up last year, so this is a great takeaway option that’ll help me reminisce about that time.” — Katrina Yentch | $75,

Cometeer Coffee Subscription

“Cometeer produces some of the brightest and most flavorful specialty instant coffees I’ve ever tried. It’s hard to convince myself to make a pour over when I have these sitting in my freezer.” — Katrina Yentch | $19/8-cup subscription,

Ki No Tea Kyoto Dry Gin

“What better way to celebrate the holiday than by cozying up and sipping Martinis made with a special gin? The Ki No Bi gin is already one of our faves for Martinis, but Kyoto Distillery also has a tea-based one that looks intriguing. Made in collaboration with tea grower Hori-Shichimeien, the gin is blended with tencha and gyokuro teas creating a sip with gentle aromas of green tea and a long, warm finish.” — Caroline Pardilla | $69.99,

Lustau Emperatriz Eugenia Oloroso Sherry

“I’m a huge fan of sherry, especially Lustau’s, and this is one I’d love to be gifted any time. It’s just layer upon layer of nutty, briny, fruity, chocolatey deliciousness.” — Karen Foley | $32.50,

St. George Spirits Botanivore Gin

“If the traditional Valentine’s Day just isn’t happening this year, for whatever reason, the Martini is there for you. St. George Spirits Botanivore Gin makes for a lovely Martini, particularly when mixed with Dolin Dry Vermouth. Together, they’re a better pairing than many you’re likely to encounter in the dim glow of candlelight at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day.” — Paul Clarke, editor in chief | $27.99,

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