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Have no idea what to get your special someone? Our Valentine’s Day gift guide 2022 is filled with ideas we handpicked and not-so-secretly want for ourselves. From grappa-dipped cherries to a bold digestif, you can’t go wrong here.


Argaux Destination Wine Kits An online wine shop and educational platform, Argaux sells gift boxes that offer the opportunity to travel via taste bud. Highlighting both regions and styles such as California and Champagne, Argaux gets extra romantic for the ‘Gaux-To Italy Wine Gift Box—complete with a choice of one or two Italian wines, a bottle of organic olive oil, and topped off with a homemade pasta recipe. Buon appetito!, $85-$125

Don Fulano Añejo Looking for a unique and giftable sipper? This award-winning añejo tequila—aged for 30 months in French oak—entices with aromas of comforting baking spices, vanilla, and banana. It then lavishes you with a full-bodied palate of toasted coconut, vanilla, and rich spices, finishing with notes of dark chocolate and leather., $90

Elisir Novasalus Vino Amaro Not everyone wants sweets for V Day. For that bitter-loving contrarian, try this big, bold, and complex amaro. It’s one of the few existing wine-based amari, which makes it extra special, and the perfect digestif to soothe after that decadent candlelit dinner., $25

Mommenpop Sample Pack Spritz lovers seeking something off-the-beaten path will love this gift pack. The three aperitifs—grapefruit, blood orange, and orange—are made from a wine base that’s macerated with organic fruit peels and botanicals, while brandy gives it its backbone., 3 375ml bottles/$60

Montinore 2017 Brut Cuvée An inaugural bottling of bubbles from Biodynamic Willamette Valley winery Montinore Estate, this 2017 Brut Cuvée is produced via the traditional Méthode Champenoise. A blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, this crisp sparkler opens with delicate floral and citrus notes that fold into flavors of tropical fruit and a hint of shortbread., $60


Brewista Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle Coffee geeks know all about Brewista. This elegant electric kettle not only has a gooseneck spout to ensure your home barista’s precise aim, but temperature control for the perfect brew., $159

Monty Milk Art Cups Make your Valentine a morning coffee with extra heart. These double-walled ceramic cups have a specially curved interior shape that assists with a spot-on pour to make your latte art look pro level., 2 11-oz./$50

Mosser Glass Faceted Tumblers Add a vintage touch to the tray when you surprise your love with breakfast in bed. These charming pastel glass tumblers created from vintage molds come in four colors: Milk, Pink, Grey Swirl, and Jadeite., set of 4/$72-$88

Savino Wine Saving Carafe This stylish carafe doubles as a decanter and a wine preserver. Offered in six different colors, from clear to a light blue sea glass, you’re sure to find one your dearest will love. A plastic version is also available to take along on a romantic picnic., $49.95-$59.95


Bodrato Cioccolato Chocolate-Covered Grappa-Dipped Cherries No Valentine’s Day gift guide is complete without chocolate. How about these delectable morsels of grappa-soaked cherries covered in quality dark chocolate? An added bonus: they come in an adorable hatbox for that extra ooh factor., $30-$60

Honey Pacifica Raw Honey Give bees love and freedom, and they’ll produce the best honey. The Honey Pacifica bees gather pollen from wildflowers around Southern California, including the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge. The result is a variety of all-natural, raw, unfiltered liquid gold, such as sage honey and orange blossom honey., 4 12-oz. squeeze bottles/$26.99

Vine to Bar Chocolate Set Giving new life to a byproduct of winemaking, Vine to Bar uses pressed Chardonnay grapes that are dried and ground to a powder to craft their chocolate bars. The result is packed with flavanols for a chocolate that’s both sustainable and delicious. The Library Box set includes flavors like Almonds with Pink Himalayan Salt and Tart Cherry with Cocoa Nibs., $34.50


Death & Co x AMASS Natural Tobacco Candle Scent is a powerful way to stir up a memory. Light this Death & Co and AMASS Botanics natural tobacco candle to release its lavender, vanilla, juniper, and bergamot notes. The warm scent transports you to a dark and elegant bar, with a Martini in hand., $55

Hedley & Bennett Negroni Apron For those who are serious about their Negronis—and why wouldn’t they be—grab this custom Hedley & Bennett apron. Made from durable but lightweight cross-blue chambray with an embroidered Negroni, its wearer will not only be splash-protected while fixing drinks but look good while doing so., $85

Love & Victory Diver Cocktail Picks It’s all about the details. This old-fashioned 1-inch-wide diver is tiny, but her pretty gold tone with colored-enamel finish will dress up any cocktail., 4 picks/$24

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