Riffs: The Mojito

Nothing says summer like a classic Mojito recipe, a simple but delicious combo of rum, lime and simple syrup. The understated framework makes the cocktail an effortless one to riff upon, as illustrated by some of these variations.

El Pequeño’s Mojito
Mint syrup doubles the freshness of this summer standby.

Green Tea “Mojito”
Skip the booze altogether and add a pinch of Japanese matcha powder for an alcohol-free version.

Mojito Caballito
The classic Mojito gets the mellow addition of dry vermouth in this soft, summery mojito.

Old Cuban
Some say this modern classic is a mix between a French 75 and a Mojito.

Pátzcuaro from Clavel
Mexican aguardiente meets Branca Menta, ginger and cola in this cooling highball.

Ricky Ricardo
This riff mashes the Mojito together with the Rickey.

Scurvy Root
When the spicy ginger of the Dark ‘N Stormy meets the minty essence of the Mojito.

Twill Serve
Crème de cacao and peppercorn syrup add new dimension to the classic.

Tokyo Record Bar’s Saké Mojito
A Japanese twist on the classic.